Someone appears upset to have lost their national championship-winning coach and having to settle for another with a career losing record. Hint: It’s not Texas A&M.

When the Aggies managed to lure Jimbo Fisher away from Tallahassee, the move was greeted with universal praise in the college football world. For a program that hasn’t won a national title in over 70 years, Texas A&M now has a proven leader that has proven he can accomplish that lofty goal.

The excitement surrounding Fisher’s arrival was such that even the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band showed up at the airport to greet the new program’s new coach. If you missed the festivities, here’s a video of Fisher getting off the plane and being serenaded by the band:

Now left without a coach, Florida State acted quickly to lure Florida native Willie Taggart from Oregon and back to the Sunshine State. While Taggart’s hire has led to some excitement in Tallahassee, the level of enthusiasm will not match what the Aggies did for Fisher.

Check out this tweet from the FSU marching band mocking what their counterparts did in College Station.

Considering the FSU band is riled up, that’s a dead giveaway that the Seminoles are hurting pretty bad over the downgrade from Fisher to Taggart.