Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M wrapped up spring practice last week, and now Fisher has a chance to reflect on how the spring went, including recruiting, as the Aggies shift into summer mode.

Fisher told TexAgs Radio that the early enrollees have made a smooth transition, and it went extremely well. But he added that all freshmen should come in for spring practice because football is the toughest sport to adjust to when players arrive on campus. In terms of recruiting, Fisher is firm about his stance about the Aggies’ recent successes.

“They don’t believe what happened. I stand by what we do and how we do it. We have tremendous people and a tremendous place to sell,” Fisher said. “The number one comment I get from every recruit is about our staff… Our entire staff… Everyone in the organization has the same genuineness towards them about this place and what we’re doing.”

Evaluation is something else that’s in the eye of the beholder.

“There are people that have 5-stars that they have ranked, and then there are 5-stars in our mind,” Fisher said. “Some of the highest-drafted players and some of the best players I’ve ever coached have been 3-stars.”

In terms of the current team, Fisher said he was pleased with the development of the offensive line, and that Jordan Moko, who was injured in the spring game, is expected to be fine and ready before fall camp.

Fisher applauded defensive lineman Shemar Turner, and added, “I saw a lot out of those young (defensive) ends. They’re long and athletic.”

Here are other updates from Fisher:

  • “From a skill standpoint, I think Jake Johnson was a good addition to the young tight ends. I hated that LJ (Johnson) was banged up because he could’ve used the reps. Amari (Daniels) was very impressive with the ball in his hands.”
  • “Secondary wise, with those young guys, I’m really excited. Getting Myles Jones back was critical. Getting him back and his leadership is huge. Two years ago, he played tremendous football for us.”
  • On Denver Harris: “He did everything he could do to fight back and get reps at the end. You can see the ability, and you can see that he is going to be a really good player. He’s explosive and has great ball skills.”
  • “Demani (Richardson) had his best spring by far.”
  • “I was really pleased with Bryce (Anderson) because Bryce had never played defense. I was wondering if he was going to have a defensive mentality. Yes. He was knocking the heck out of some of our guys.
  • “(Antonio Johnson) was out with a hammy. I hated it because there are parts of a new defense that I wanted him to work on. He’s like Ainias (Smith) on defense in that he’s a Swiss Army knife.”
  • “Haynes (King) had a solid spring, and that second scrimmage, I thought he played really well.”
  • “Everyone thinks that Max (Johnson) is a pocket guy. He is, but you saw in the spring game that he can run it too.”
  • “I’ve been very pleased with Conner (Weigman).”