Texas A&M has turned the corner in many respects since the loss to Alabama as the Aggies have reeled off 6 straight wins, including Saturday’s 20-7 victory over LSU.

Coach Jimbo Fisher said at his Monday press conference that the team showed how much it’s progressed in being able to handle a game like that. The program won a game on a night where it didn’t have its “A game.”

“That’s what I’m hoping we understand,” Fisher said. “I don’t mean this in a bad way, I don’t know if we win that game before. I don’t, I really don’t. Because we struggled in some areas, but we still fought and the defense rose up and just kept going higher and higher. And the offense kept plugging along, doing what they could. Special teams stayed in it. You have to learn to do that. There’s going to be games like that.”

Fisher also said Monday that there are going to be close games in the SEC, especially against division opponents like the Aggies have again this week in Auburn.

“When defense struggled and offense goes, OK, we got to score six times in a row, OK, let’s do it, what makes the difference,” he said. “Nobody’s pointing fingers saying ‘Hey, you didn’t do your job.'”

Football is a great team game, he said, because you have to feed off of each other to be successful.

“If you don’t understand how to play close games in this league, you’re in trouble,” Fisher said. “Everybody has players. These games are all going to be close, they’re all going to be tough, even when you win by significant numbers, if you’ll watch, for three quarters, most of those games come down to one or two plays changing. That’s what this league’s about, that’s why it’s more like pro football than any league in college football.”