Yahoo! Sports’ Pat Forde included Texas A&M in his latest College Football Playoff picks. Forde’s picks include Alabama at No.1, Louisville at No.2, Ohio State at No. 3 and the Aggies at No. 4.

“The new team (playing Alabama in the Peach Bowl) is A&M, the Aggies are 4-0 and have been a September team in years past but this time maybe with a little more substance, more physical, better defense. They were able to stand up to Arkansas and beat them by three touchdowns in Jerry World, a very convincing win there. Add that to wins over UCLA and Auburn, they have a pretty good resume at this point. So I’ll put the Aggies in and take the Houston Cougars out.”

Texas A&M legitimized itself as the second-best team in the SEC West with a 45-24 victory over Arkansas in Week 4. The Aggies will face Alabama on Oct. 22, which will be crucial to the SEC West Division standings. In Forde’s scenario, the two teams would play each other twice, including a matchup in the CFP semifinals.