Paul Finebaum reviewed Texas A&M’s season following a loss at South Carolina, which dropped the Aggies to 3-4.

Finebaum addressed Jimbo Fisher’s job security and future on his regular Monday appearance on “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” on WJOX out of Birmingham, Alabama.

“It’s a mess,” Finebaum said. “… When you hear Jimbo Fisher talk after a game, you just have to break out laughing because you know he doesn’t come off believable, sounds like an avalanche of excuses. I’m well aware of all the injuries and all the issues that they’re having, but so is everyone else at this point.”

Finebaum said if you cut through all the layers of fat and BS, if Jimbo Fisher wasn’t sitting on an $86 million buyout, he probably be close to the unemployment line.

“But since he is, the conversation does not exist and the dilemma goes on and he is on the most invisible hot seat in college football right now,” he said. “Although in essence, he isn’t, because he controls everything, he’s his own boss, nobody can tell him what to do and nobody can fire him.”

Finebaum then said Fisher’s recent contract extension was directly related to the idea that he could leave for the LSU opening.

“They were really proud, and ultimately it proved to be a colossal mistake by the athletics director,” Finebaum said.