Jimbo Fisher’s connection to the Texas A&M opening has led one Aggies beat writer to compare Fisher’s current employer to one that might want to hire him.

Billy Liucci of TexAgs.com outlined the question facing Fisher, and he posed it in a way where a hypothetical coach were trying to choose between the two schools. Liucci said salary would be a driving force, but not the only reason.

“A&M can pay,” he said in an interview with ABC-13 KTRK in Houston. “Sticking in that money theme, facilities. If you’re a new coach and you want to build your support staff out in any direction you want, your football staff, your support staff, Texas A&M right now the answer is yes, yes, yes. They’re that committed and that’s the word. How committed is the athletic department, how committed is the university.”

Liucci referred to recent comments from Fisher that suggested Florida State was passed up by schools like Clemson. Liucci said Texas A&M is in the same class with Oregon, Alabama and Clemson in terms of the best facilities, stadiums and infrastructure in college football.

Multiple reports suggest Fisher would make a decision by Thursday. But the Seminoles are also expected to play Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday in a makeup game.

“Coaches recognize that,” he said.