It’s not just the quarterbacks that are enjoying the coaching style of Jimbo Fisher, star Aggie running back Trayveon Williams believes the new system will help the running game in College Station, too.

By adding another blocker in the backfield, Williams believes it will free him up to have more one-on-one situations with a safety in the open field. Considering how dynamic an athlete Williams has been in his two collegiate seasons, Aggie fans have to like their odds in those scenarios.

During his recent media availability, Williams was asked how often the Aggies have lined up with a fullback in the game this spring.

“I’d say it’s about 70 percent of the time,” Williams answered. “It’s great, it’s an extra guy in the run game, able to block a guy, block a linebacker. It puts me in a better position to be one-on-one with the safety.”

As for his first thoughts when he saw a fullback line up in Texas A&M’s offense, Williams joked that he didn’t know what that was lining up in front of him.

“Yeah, I was like ‘What is that?’,” Williams joked. “I love it. The 12th Man, Cullen Gillespie is our fullback. He’s a great guy, he’s really taking on that position.”

While having an extra blocker in the backfield is seen as a positive by Williams, if the five linemen in front of the backs don’t get the job done, a fullback can only do so much to help. A&M’s running back was also asked to share his thoughts on the OL’s progression in the team’s new offense under line coach Jim Turner — who is a holdover from Kevin Sumlin’s staff.

“Oh the offensive line is great. Coach Turner is getting those guys right — Coach Fisher is staying on them, too,” Williams said. “He’s an offensive coach, so he’s right behind us, right behind the quarterbacks and running backs. If the offensive line has some hiccups, he’s there to jump on them but everyone is doing good, especially up front. Erik McCoy is a real good leader up there, he’s getting those guys right.”

While Fisher’s hire was universally praised for what he can do for the Aggies’ passing game, it’s interesting to hear the team’s starting running back share these comments on how the hire could help the running game. Considering most college teams no longer utilize a fullback, Texas A&M will likely be in the position to add some of the nation’s best each season with Fisher running the Aggie program if he can get the most out of the position in College Station.