One area for growth in the Texas A&M offense from last season is big plays.

WR Jhamon Ausbon, for example, had just two plays of 40-plus yards, Quartney Davis had zero, and Isaiah Spiller had seven. Coach Jimbo Fisher on Thursday told reporters that he sees a change in the offense over the offseason.

“I think the diversity that we can create offensively (will be improved),” Fisher said, per TexAgs. “We should be able to create big plays down the field. Big plays are key to winning football games, along with creating turnovers and taking care of (the ball) on offense.”

Part of that is because, “our guys up front have improved, too,” Fisher said.

In total offense last year, Texas A&M was eighth in the league, fourth in passing offense and eighth in rushing offense.

Spiller could be one of those players to make a bigger contribution this season.

“I think there was a big responsibility on him to become a starter after a Week 2 injury,” Fisher said. “… He’s going to be counted upon. Extremely important to our offense.”

Overall, Fisher said the Aggies have managed COVID pretty well, and added he was pleased that even though they haven’t had a scrimmage since December, the recent scrimmage had few procedural penalties and communication was very good.