Hours after confirming his decision to fire Butch Jones, Tennessee AD John Currie held a press conference Sunday outlining his decision to move on from the fifth-year coach.

According to Currie, the decision to move on from Jones and his staff will cost the school around $13 million depending on which assistants are retained, if any, and if those assistants find employment elsewhere next season. He also denied any knowledge of Jones attempting to sway current recruits away from Tennessee and defending the former UT coach’s character against those claims.

Here were our five biggest takeaways from the presser:

Why he decided to fire Butch Jones

“We’re standing here right now because we haven’t won enough.”

Currie twice stated he would not use a search firm in his attempt to find Tennessee’s next coach

“No, not at this time.”

On having Phil Fulmer’s help in finding a new coach

“He’s an extraordinary resource for us. I let him know of my decision this morning. I believe he will continue to be a resource.”

Thoughts on the new signing period and how that was taken into consideration

“Uncharted territory for all of us. Ultimately, we have to make the decision we believe is the best one for the student-athletes right now. It certainly is a variable that’s new, but the core values in how we make decisions remain the same.”

Requirements for Tennessee’s next coach

“Start with integrity, commitment to doing things the right way. Having the dynamics necessary to lead.”