If you’ve not been following the journey of Coach Gus Duggerton, you’ve been missing out.

Duggerton is the creation of Dan Katz, aka Big Cat, of Barstool Sports. With the coronavirus shutting down the sports world, Katz fired up the old NCAA Football 14 video game and started a dynasty and used the create a coach feature to make Duggerton his virtual representation in the game.

After beginning his dynasty as an offensive coordinator, Duggerton has risen the coaching ranks and is now a head coach and was “hired” by Tennessee on Tuesday night after leading Texas Tech to a successful turnaround season.

Of course, none of this is real, but that hasn’t stopped college football insiders like Brett McMurphy of Stadium from “reporting” Duggerton coaching rumors, Kansas City quarterback and Super Bowl champion Pat Mahomes pleading with Duggerton to stay with Texas Tech and official team accounts from Georgia, Cal and Tennessee from recruiting Duggerton.

Late Tuesday evening, Katz announced Duggerton was moving on to Tennessee after leading Texas Tech to a Cotton Bowl victory.

Duggerton has a history of jumping from one program to another during his brief coaching career, which led Lane Kiffin to respond with an amazing word of advice for the new Tennessee coach.

Check it out below:

That’s simply amazing. Considering Kiffin’s history on Rocky Top, he really means what he says to Duggerton in the tweet above.

Here was Tennessee’s reaction following Duggerton’s decision to join the Vols: