The 2020 season has been a long one for the Tennessee Volunteers. After starting the year 2-0, the Vols have now lost 6-straight games by at least 11 points.

On Wednesday night’s Vol Calls, Pruitt was asked which of those games he’d most want to replay to try to win.

Pruitt said he wants another crack at the Florida Gators after battling the SEC East rival tougher than many teams this year (via 247Sports):

TROY IN GALLATIN: “Hi Coach Pruitt, how are you doing?”

Pruitt: “I’m good, are you?”

Troy: “Yeah. I just wanted to ask a question tonight.”

Pruitt: “OK.”

Troy: “Um, if you could go back in any game this year and re-play it, what game would it be and what mistakes would you fix?”

Pruitt: “Well, that’s a great question. Probably, I’d just look at the last one because I’m most familiar with it. There’s probably a couple of things in that game that we would like to have back. Really probably, if you look at a minute and 38 (seconds) to go until halftime, we had them in a third-and-12 and they ran a corner route. We were playing Cover 2. We have a call where we get the players to line up exactly on the first-down marker instead of dropping to it. That would be one thing that I wished we could have had back. Really if you look, probably the first drive of the second half, there was a play where Florida put a formation into the boundary and the call that we made, the formation into the boundary check, we were playing middle-field coverage. We talked about changing that at halftime and we didn’t because we felt like we needed to just do what our players knew, but if we would have changed that call to what we wanted to, we probably would have kept them from creating an explosive play there on the second play of the second half. If you look, we talk about the middle eight in a ballgame. It’s the last four minutes of the first half and the first four minutes of the second half. We lost that 14-0 on Saturday, which was pretty much the difference in the ballgame.”

Can the Vols close out the season with a win in 1 of their 2 remaining games? They’ll travel to take on Vanderbilt this weekend.