Last week, Jeremy Pruitt announced upon Tennessee’s return from Athens that the team would hold a Sunday scrimmage to get younger players some reps that didn’t have many opportunities during training camp.

“Sunday night we’re going to have a big scrimmage for the guys that aren’t getting to play a huge role on our team right now,” Pruitt announced last week. “There’s a lot of these guys that are plenty capable. And based off circumstances, whether they were out for fall camp, maybe they were injured, or maybe they were just in quarantine and we had such small numbers we just didn’t get a chance at that time to practice threes and fours, and maybe it didn’t give them the opportunity.”

Following Jarrett Guarantano’s struggles against Georgia’s outstanding defense on Saturday, many members of Vol Nation are eager to hear how Sunday’s scrimmage went for freshman QB Harrison Bailey.

Interestingly, the freshman QB was the first player that Pruitt mentioned when discussing the Sunday scrimmage.

“You know, it was really good. I think we took like 49 snaps and Harrison took every one of them. For him, that was really good because, based on the way fall camp went, he didn’t get a lot of live action. We just didn’t have enough plays for him to get in there and get going.

“So it was good for a lot of players. A lot of energy. So there’s a lot of guys that, to me, you know, that kind of stuck out. Wo we got to continue to do this and give these guys an opportunity to develop.”

For Tennessee fans eager to see a new QB take the field, however, Pruitt pumped the brakes on that one.

“Jarrett’s our quarterback. He gives us the best opportunity to have success,” the Tennessee coach said during his Monday press conference.

One other player to get a shoutout from Pruitt was freshman hybrid defender, Tamarion McDonald.

“Tamarion tonight, or last night, was the first time that he’s really had any contact during fall camp and I thought he was one of the bright spots of the scrimmage last night. So that was good to see,” Pruitt added.