During Tennessee’s loss to Alabama earlier this year, Vols DB Rashaan Gaulden gave Alabama fans a double-middle-finger salute, drawing the ire of ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit.

Herbstreit called for Tennessee to kick Gaulden off the team, saying he should never play again for such a stunt.

However, when Herbstreit defended Heisman Trophy-winning QB Baker Mayfield against critics on Saturday night, Gaulden was quick to point out how he felt the comments were unfair:

On Sunday afternoon, though, Herbstreit realized the error of his ways and owned up to his opinion, issuing a classy apology to Gaulden for his previous comments:

It’s never easy to admit when you are wrong, but Herbstreit took a step back and realized that he was unfair to Gaulden.

Now, hopefully, the whole incident can be put in the past and the player and analyst can move on with their lives with respect for one another.