Chad Wyrick, who hosts a podcast called “4th And Truth” was joined by former Tennessee running back Marlin Lane for a recent interview.

Lane, who played for the Volunteers from 2011 to 2014, was asked about his time at UT — particularly the timeframe when he played under Butch Jones, who was fired on Sunday.

Wyrick asked Lane about reports of Jones mistreating players, and tried to see if there was any truth behind those rumors. Lane seemed to confirm what Wyrick had heard.

Here’s part of what he had to say during the interview:

“I have witnessed a lot of it, whether it was mental abuse or physical,” Lane said. “I haven’t seen him with my own eyesight physically abuse somebody, but I saw him say some things to players when they couldn’t defend themselves. He never mistreated me out of the ordinary, but he did some things to me that didn’t hold up to the standard he said.

“I felt like I was used for a lot of reasons. I got (verbally) abused as in a lot of things … (Jones saying) he can end my career, (stop me from) trying to get to an NFL career, said teams wouldn’t accept me because I had bad character and hadn’t met the criteria he was looking for, (said) I wasn’t talented enough, and was a bad influence on teammates.

“At the end of the day, you’re a college player,” Lane added. “You can’t speak up for yourself to the league. They’re going to also go by what your coaches say … My agent talked to teams who said ‘his (Lane’s) character wasn’t good off field, said ‘he couldn’t read playbooks.’ I went through four offenses at UT … that wasn’t a problem.”

Not only did Lane say that Jones tried to hold him back at Tennessee, he also claimed the former Vols coach tried to get him to help run players off.

This is the quote social media was buzzing about Monday: 

“He used me to somewhat try to run players off the team that he didn’t want on there,” Lane said. “He threatened kids’ life … It’s either his way, or ya know … (He would) take their future away from them. He put them on a one-year scholarship or probation.”

Lane went on to say playing Jones’ brand of football was “no fun.”

“I had a whole lot of fun at UT my first two years,” Lane said. “When he came in, it was all downhill … I feel like I was not used at all like I was supposed to be.”

Listen to the full interview here: