Former Auburn and Ole Miss head coach Tommy Tuberville joined ESPNU Radio on SiriusXM Monday to discuss the coaching search situation at Tennessee.

If you haven’t heard by now, Volunteers fans essentially blocked athletic director John Currie’s hiring of former Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano through forms of protest and social media revolt on Sunday.

There was overwhelming backlash in Knoxville from fans, local businesses, boosters and even politicians over Schiano’s alleged connection to the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal that took place at Penn State.

“Dumpster fire … I’m embarrassed that I’m part of college football when it comes to that,” Tuberville said of the situation on Monday. “Greg Schiano is a good football coach. Whether he needed to be at Tennessee or not, that makes no difference. But my gosh, how is he ever going to overcome that? I’m sure he’ll be cleared of all of it.

“It goes back to one thing — social media is a very tough deal. A lot of people put things out there … You can really tear somebody down.”

Tuberville also seemed to be shocked when he read that Phillip Fulmer hadn’t been consulted about the search.

“I read something, and I just don’t understand this. They made Phillip Fulmer a consultant this past year, and he said nobody addressed him about the hire,” Tuberville said. “Why didn’t you go and say, ‘Coach, what do you think?’ At least ask him. He knows the SEC and he knows Tennessee.”

Tuberville went on to say he believes Currie knows what he’s doing.

“The only complaint I would have with him is, hey, go to Phillip. See what he thinks,” Tuberville reiterated. “And he might have done that. But if he didn’t, I would tell him, use your resources.”

On the Tennessee situation, in general, Tuberville implied that it sets a bad precedent.

“It’s just bad for college football, and I really don’t understand it,” he said.

Hear Tuberville’s full comments on the situation below: