The days of hokey Orange & White Games with gimmicky scoring methods ended the day Jeremy Pruitt took over on Rocky Top. When asked about the format of Tennessee upcoming spring game on Tuesday, Pruitt simply stated, “We’ll play a game.”

As for the players, Pruitt announced on Tuesday that the Vols will break into two units for the Orange & White Game: the first-team offense with the second-team defense against the second-team offense with the first-team defense. Each side will get around 65-70 plays, according to Pruitt.

“The game will feature a running clock until the last four minutes of each half and then it goes into a two-minute situation,” Pruitt added. “We are really trying to get — if you play that way, you are probably going to get 50 snaps with each group but I hope we can play faster so we can get more snaps, somewhere between 65-70 range.”

When asked which unit or players he will specifically be focused on during the game, Pruitt didn’t offer up much insight on any individuals.

“I’d say everybody,” Pruitt answered. “We aren’t good enough to take any days off.”

The upcoming Orange & White Game is scheduled to kick off Saturday, April 13 at 6 p.m. ET and will be broadcast by the SEC Network.

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