Good news for “Peyton’s Places” fans, the series has been picked up for another season.

The series airs exclusively on ESPN+, ESPN’s online-only platform, and features the former Tennessee quarterback and soon-to-be Pro Football Hall of Famer touring the country talking football history with legends of the game.

Season 1 was 30 episodes and featured topics such as the history of the QB position featuring Joe Montana, the NFL Draft featuring Mel Kiper Jr., the evolution of the receiver position featuring Raymond Berry, Antonio Brown and Jerry Rice, fantasy football, the origins of the Lombardi Trophy, the origins of Monday Night Football, the death of the fullback and much, much more.

It’s an outstanding show that does a great job capturing the history of the game and many of the players, coaches and figures that have helped grow the game into the nation’s most popular sport over the years.

On Wednesday, Manning broke the news that “Peyton’s Places” would be returning to ESPN+ for another season.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, Manning sat down with ESPN’s Chris Mortensen to share the origins of the show and why the history of the game means so much to the former star quarterback.