The Tennessee Volunteers are set to take on UTEP this weekend in a game that likely won’t be impacted much (if at all) by Hurricane Florence.

As Florence causes evacuations along the Carolina coast, the Vols are offering those displaced by the storm a chance to have a few hours of normalcy on Saturday.

Per a release from the school, Tennessee AD Phillip Fulmer has invited those who have been displaced by the hurricane free tickets to the game against the Miners:

“Our hearts go out to all the families whose lives have been impacted by the hurricanes and tropical storms along the Atlantic coast,” Fulmer said. “One of our four pillars is warmth, and we feel this is an appropriate way to bring that to life. Certainly, a football game is relatively insignificant in comparison to the realities these evacuees are facing. But if we can provide just a few hours of distraction and normalcy for these families, I believe we should do all we can to make that possible for them.”

For those that may lose their homes or other valuables during the storm, this is a small consolation, but it’s still a very classy gesture from the Vols.

Here’s hoping some of those displaced by the storm take the Vols up on this offer and have some fun amid all the chaos.