When Tennessee QB Joshua Dobbs’ parents travel from their Georgia home to Knoxville or other SEC towns to watch the Volunteers play, Raider, Dobbs’ Yorkiepoo dog, doesn’t make the trip.

Instead, Raider goes to a kennel near Stephanie and Robert Dobbs’ home, where he’s become a familiar face during football season, according to Go Vols Xtra:

“During the bye week Joshua’s freshman year, they called and asked ‘Where is Raider? We were expecting him and he didn’t show up Friday,'” Stephanie Dobbs said. “Raider has the keys to that kennel. They love him there and he loves going there.”

Named after Joshua’s high school mascot, Raider won’t be staying at the Johns Veterinary Clinic too long this weekend since the Vols are playing in nearby Athens against the Georgia Bulldogs.

Though Dobbs has plenty to worry about this season as he leads the 4-0 Volunteers, Stephanie said he’s always excited to see his childhood dog:

“It’s kind of like a sibling-type exchange. If Joshua walks in the house, he is excited to see him and Josh is pulling his tail and chasing him around the house,” Stephanie Dobbs said.

Maybe Dobbs will have a chance to see Raider after the Vols game against Georgia, which is set for 3:30 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday.