It didn’t take long for there to be controversy in the highly anticipated Tennessee-Vanderbilt series. UT’s Jordan Beck hit a home run in the first inning. The run did not count, however, because he was called for using an illegal bat.

Video showed an apparent sticker on the bat. D1Baseball’s Kendall Rogers shared that the issue was that the bat had a sticker for a midweek game but not for the weekend. In an interview on ESPN2, Tony Vitello indicated that the weekend sticker fell off in batting practice.

Vitello went on to joke about Jordan Beck.

“I don’t even know that Jordan Beck should be at the University of Tennessee. He forged his transcript. He is actually a 35-year-old man named Mike Honcho,” Vitello said on ESPN2.

As far as the bat inspection, Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin said it’s a topic that has been “talked about” around the SEC.

“It has been part of what has been going around during the course of the week in terms of the SEC and us talking about it,” Corbin said. “It has been out there. It just made sense to do that.”

Tennessee leads 5-1 in the 5th inning. The game is airing on ESPN2.