As far as Jon Gruden impressions go, no one does it better than impressionist Frank Caliendo.

In fact, if Tennessee fans tuned in to the final episode of “Mike & Mike” on Friday morning at the wrong time, they couldn’t be blamed for thinking Gruden had announced he was accepting the job at Tennessee.

Obviously, it was a joke and it was Caliendo saying it, but even he admits that the audio could be misinterpreted if given without context:

Sadly for most Tennessee fans, Caliendo and Gruden are not, in fact, the same person, so the comedian doesn’t speak for the former coach and current Monday Night Football analyst.

For now, Vols fans will have to settle for the thousands of other #Grumors swirling on talk radio and on the internet. Gruden may very well take the Tennessee job in the future, but for now, he hasn’t made a final decision.