Rece Davis couldn’t resist a “Pole Assassin” reference on Saturday’s “College GameDay.”

If you somehow missed monkeygate, SB Nation has published a helpful explainer:

A trick-or-treater was bitten at the home of Texas assistant coach Jeff Banks on Halloween. Banks’ partner is Danielle Thomas. (Thomas often uses Banks as her last name on social media, but is most commonly referred to as Banks’ girlfriend).

When Thomas was an exotic dancer, she was known on stage as Pole Assassin. Thomas’ Pole Assassin act, which was featured on “Jerry Springer,” included her pet monkey “Gia.” The story of the monkey bite led to many college football fans learning about Pole Assassin.

Back to GameDay, Davis slipped in a reference when previewing Texas-Iowa State.

“One minute, you’ve got a 3-touchdown lead on Oklahoma, next thing you know, a 3-game losing streak serves as an AP poll assassin,” Davis quipped.

Well done, Rece.