Derek Mason overhauled his coordinator positions in the offseason, and brought in defensive coordinator Ted Roof, a veteran assistant, to improve the defense.

But working within a staff is more than just Xs and Os. In Mason’s case, it could spill over to musical tastes.

“It’s been great. I mean, we were sort of like all souls, I mean, he listens to a little Johnny Cash, I’m listening to Sam Cook,” Mason said Wednesday on the SEC coaches media teleconference. “We talk about a lot of things man we, I think we’re truly kindred spirits, you know, in terms of football I think these guys, generally have a lot in common. You know I’ve shared some things with him he shared a lot with me. And I think for us.”

Roof’s long career speaks for itself, Mason said, and he knows that respect is felt by the players, too.

“I’m probably proudest, and probably most trusting of, you know where he’s been what he’s done,
because I tend to pronounce leader, he’s got pronounced leadership, you know skills, men in the room respecting,” Mason said. “You know I respect him and with that you know we we just have to make sure within a week, we move from day one to day two from, you know, Friday to Saturday so we can get ourselves ready to go play a good ballgame.”