As heat index figures bounce around 100 degrees throughout the SEC, it may not be ideal conditions for some to be outside during the peak of the day. But for SEC coaches, including Vanderbilt’s Derek Mason, this weather is just right.

The sweltering temperatures help get their players in shape, and prepare them for the season. It may help some guys get into shape, and coaches like Jeremy Pruitt have used it as a motivation. Pruitt has posted signs with the daily temperature of Gainesville, Florida around the Vols practice areas.

“This is the SEC, it’s warm out here now,” Mason told reporters, including Chad Bishop. “I love exactly what this heat is doing to us, man. It either melts ya or makes ya come alive, and right now, it’s looking like this group is right there in the middle. They’re not at the lowest point, but they didn’t do exactly what I needed so we need more.”

For context, the temperature in Nashville early Tuesday afternoon was 95 degrees, but felt like 108, according to Weather Underground.