Current Clemson Commit Pulls A Brilliant Move On Twitter - Just Another Reason To Laugh At The ACC

Current Clemson Commit Pulls A Brilliant Move On Twitter – Just Another Reason To Laugh At The ACC

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Brilliant move by Clemson-bound quarterback commit Chad Kelly on Twitter by going after the backup quarterback.

I’m sure Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney is thrilled.

Kelly, of course, is the nephew of former Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Jim Kelly. Chad Kelly is a dual-threat quarterback who actually looked pretty good in Under Armour practice week in person, in my opinion, and he’s been committed to Clemson for quite some time – but some say he’s not even the best player in the state of New York this year.

Anyway, he’s already talking trash to the current Clemson backup quarterback Cole Stoudt. Check out the brilliant exchange as first reported by our good friends over at Dr. Saturday:

In preparation for his visit and likely run-in with Stoudt, Kelly tweeted Wednesday, “Your on the bench for a reason. And i come soon! Just letting you know.”

While the taunt wasn’t explicitly directed at Stoudt, Stoudt decided to respond anyway, “I hate those that talk like their the [expletive] when they haven’t done anything yet.”

There is nothing like an 18 year-old kid who thinks he owns the world. Sure, you can think you’re good enough to win the job. But come on, no way you tweet about it.

This is just another example of how not to use Twitter, and it is another reason while we’ll likely see stricter Twitter restrictions in the future from more programs and coaches.

Talk about a dumb way to get your future teammates to hate you before you step foot on campus.

This is yet another reason to laugh at the ACC.

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Comments 6

  1. Also, both have incorrectly used the English language. “Your” is the second person possessive and “their” is the third person plural possessive. Also, the lower case “i” does not speak well of Kelly’s ability to type.

  2. Nice to see that Clemson students understand how to form basic sentences and correctly use big words like “I,” “they’re,” and “you’re.”

  3. Eric
    Commented : 2 years ago

    Oh, Clemson. I almost feel bad for them. Almost…

  4. Clemson is terrible. The ACC is terrible.

  5. Still trying to wash off that butt whopping WVU put on them…

  6. Wow what a idiot! He’s your teammate!!!!! That aught to be a interesting summer camp.