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Texas A&M planning $425 million-plus renovation of Kyle Field

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Texas A&M released today they are planning on spending up to $450 million on renovating Kyle Field. has all the details of the decision and release of information:

Chancellor John Sharp told those numbers to a select group of local government officials at an impromptu meeting Monday afternoon, according to multiple officials in attendance. The group of community leaders discussed tentative plans for renovating Kyle Field. Renovation costs ranged from $425 to $450 million and seating ranged from 93,000 to 103,500, according to officials. The construction would be spread over three years, the officials said.


Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium (Texas Longhorns) only seats 100,119. Try and keep up, Texas.

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  1. Nice work Aggies. Between that quarterback of yours and a bigger stadium, I like your future. It doesn’t hurt that you have a few trillion in your endowment fund. Now, Missouri on the other hand… can we annul our contract with them?

  2. Interesting Kyle Field fact: Over 10000 students were there last week for a Bible Study. That’s 20% of enrollment.

  3. Love the expansion. I remember being in the Freshman seat bleachers in the south end zone before the eastern 3rd deck was completed. I home to take the kids to a game real soon so they can experience the true energy of Kyle Field!