Recapping SEC Spring Game Attendance

Recapping SEC Spring Game Attendance

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I know we boast a lot here in the SEC; it’s because we can. We have the best fans in the country, and the best football in the country is played in the South.

And it showed for spring game attendance as well.

Fans just cannot get enough SEC football. Out of all the schools in the country, there were 10 SEC programs in the top 19. That’s crazy. Do you think we love our football?

Here are the final numbers:

Ohio State 81,112
Alabama 78,526
Penn State 60,000
Texas 46,000
Arkansas 45,250
Oregon 44,129
Georgia 44,117
Auburn 43,427
Florida State 40,631
Florida 38,000
South Carolina 34,513
Tennessee 34,421
LSU 33,000

Notre Dame 31,582
Clemson 28,000
Ole Miss 25,000
Michigan 25,000
North Carolina State 24,797
Mississippi State 22,604
Michigan State 21,000
Oklahoma 20,509
Missouri 18,614
Georgia Tech 18,125
Kansas State 18,048
North Carolina 17,000

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  1. Hey, are you sure that it was Mississippi State at 22,604? Looking around online, that seemed to be the attendance at the A&M Maroon and White Game…