Spurrier Being Spurrier With A Verbal Jab For Saban And Georgia


What’s not to like about South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier? I mean, he goes shirtless at Daytona and practice, and he owns the city of Columbia now. He pretty much built Florida into a machine in the early 90’s, and he has a very talented team returning to the field next year.

But we love Spurrier best when he jabs his opponents in rare form.

Spurrier recently had a Q&A with ESPN, and he had a few jabs to lend out, spring football style.

Here’s Spurrier talking about playing Georgia the sixth week instead of the traditional second week of the season:

“I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”

And Georgia does indeed have three key players suspended for week two, but the Bulldogs only take on new East member Missouri and not the Gamecocks.

Here’s Spurrier taking a jab at Nick Saban and what he’s accomplished at Alabama:

“He’s got a nice little gig going, a little bit like (John) Calipari. He tells guys, ‘Hey, three years from now, you’re going to be a first-round pick and go.’ If he wants to be the greatest coach or one of the greatest coaches in college football, to me, he has to go somewhere besides Alabama and win, because they’ve always won there at Alabama.”

Are you not entertained?!

I guess that’s why Spurrier took what is considered a lower-tier SEC job when he returned from the NFL and built it into a winner at Carolina. He did the same thing at Florida.

You have to love the Ole Ball Coach!



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  • Spurrier is definitely one of the most entertaining figures in college sports. Thanks for the post.

  • i’m not a big Spurrier fan, but he spoke the truth in this article. the jab at UGA couldn’t be more true. can the Dawgs players on probation go on the road or are they not able to leave the state? maybe they have a PO assigned to the team.

  • The jab at georgia, while true, can be said for alot of programs around the conference. Look over the past few years and every team has had some kind of conflict like that.

    Im just not a huge fan of spurrier, he’s funny to an extent but generally I just get the feeling he is a jack ass.

    • Spurrier was created by the Lord God Almighty to torment Georgia. His only reason for coming to South Carolina was the opportunity to play Georgia every year and raid their state for recruits.

  • Meant to say that Im a bit tired of our suspension problem though and wish Richt would tighten down a bit on that, but I suppose its one thing at a time*

  • Spurrier is one to talk. He brings all of the drama on himself.

  • This guy is awesome and I do wish we were playing UGA earlier. They usually finish strong (take last year). Richt may have a problem there and may need to figure things out. An undisplined team, no matter the talent, can go down quick if they lose an early game or two. Watch out for Mizzou in the upset

  • I can give spurrier props for turning UF around…hell I’ll even give him props for the job he’s done in SC. But the fact is that if any of his players did what the Uga players did you would never hear about it. How many times did he let Garcia come back again? Just bc he had no other option at QB. I dont necessarily agree with UGA suspending on the first offense but I do think everyone in the sec should have the same disciplinary policies. And any knuckleheads that think we have discipline problems need to check out the policy…UGA and UK are the ONLY TEAMS IN THE SEC THAT SUSPEND ON THE FIRST OFFENSE. The same thing goes on every school but nobody hears about it. Richt runs a tight ship…possibly too tight.

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