AP top 25 Week 2: LSU jumps into top 10, while UGA ranks ahead of Florida


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The second AP Top 25 was released today on account of the Labor Day weekend. You can view the preseason top 25 here.

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Alabama is still the top team in the country, followed by five other SEC teams in the top 25. Four SEC teams make up the top 10, and Georgia finished above Florida, who fell out of the top 10.

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1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Ohio State
4. Clemson
5. Stanford
6. South Carolina
7. Texas A&M
8. Louisville
9. LSU
10. Florida State
11. Georgia
12. Florida
13. Oklahoma State
14. Notre Dame
15. Texas
16. Oklahoma
17. Michigan
18. UCLA
19. Northwestern
20. Washington
21. Wisconsin
22. Nebraska
23. Baylor
24. TCU
25. USC

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    • Yep, Oregon proved the most this week by thrashing Nicholls State – a team that won only one game last season. Oregon might be good enough to be #1, but they’re not going to jump all the way after beating Nicholls State to a pulp.

    • Early in year. Several teams had easy opponents for first game. Wait and see how the teams show later in season. Just glad season has finally opened.

  • If I could change anything about these polls, I would put Clemson at 3 over Ohio State. Doesn’t really bother me too much that Florida fell two places because they didn’t play a strong opponent. Still a long ways to go and every team can prove themselves each week if they don’t like where they are ranked.

    • Clem’s son doesn’t play another decent game untill the trip to Columbia in the last week! S.C.STATE? COASTAL CAROLINA? The ACC.? Maybe FLA.ST. No overrated Miami….?

  • Concerning my Dawgs, this poll must be taking into account the season-ending loss of Malcolm Mitchell. Had he played Saturday, Mitchell would have been a game-changer. As is, we’re sitting 0-1, dropping 6 spots in the AP despite only losing by 3 pts to another Top 10 team. smh

  • I counted on UGA falling out of the top 10. While I would have rather SC moved up a spot I figured the voters would love on Clemson some. Clemson will pull a Clemson and lose one of the games between next weekend and the FSU show down. My surprise was UF dropping to 12.

  • And once again, Georgia becomes the red-headed stepchild. We lose by 3 points to a team ranked in the top 10 and drop from #5 to #11. That’s ok. We know they hate the SEC and we know the SEC will take the National Championship again. If they had not suspended the kicker, we might have won, but there is no win worth losing your integrity! CMR is a DGD!!!

    • Dude, we should have won…we deserve the fall. It was a rather boneheaded game all around for us and had absolutely nothing to do with who was kicking. Our field goal was foiled by a bad/botched snap. Patrick would have nailed it had it gotten to him to kick it.

    • Yup I’d say the drop is about right…we lost…plain and simple…I feel like 11 is a good spot considering the kind of game and opponent.

  • UGA ran it’s bread-and-butter play the “Isolated toss sweep” twice for 100+ yards and a TD and never ran it again the rest of the game. We threw to our ALL-SEC Tight ends twice?? We ran the ball all three times on 1st and goal from the 5yd line?? Our OL was swiss cheese all night to one of the lesser D lines we face. Just think what USCe or LSU is going to do to Murray. I know we played 9-10 true freshman on Defense at some point over the course of the game but the fundamentals like tackling were horrible. I do agree having Josh Harvey-Clemmons suspended was huge. Missing MM was huge. UGA certainly had it’s opportunities to win. A 1-3 start to the season is not too far a stretch.

    • Thing is we got SC and LSU in Athens…no silent snap counts…no home field advantages. Dawgs win both games…step down from that ledge my friend.

  • I’m probably going to take some heat for saying this but I think Clemson should be ranked #1 and Alabama #3. Those boys need to earn that #1 spot the same way as those who played all those years had to earn the top spot. As far as Ohio State goes? I think the most comparable team to them is Notre Dame. Every other team north of No.14 would absolutely THRASH Ohio State. Also, I think Ole Miss will be in the top 15 by season end. Ohio State at #3 is absolutely laughable!!!!!

  • 1. Alabama – No Offense but yet they scored 35 points. Amazing.
    2. Oregon – Will win 11 games. Lose to Stanford.
    3. Ohio State – Ranked to high. Sorry performance did not impress.
    4. Clemson – Will lose to FSU.
    5. Stanford – Wins the PAC12 and Plays an SEC team. Alabama or LSU for the BCSNC.
    6. South Carolina – Georgia gets a win over USCe. Clemson was just a little better.
    7. Texas A&M – Snot nose QB Johnny Mouth will cost A&M any chance of a SEC title.
    8. Louisville – Play someone OK.
    9. LSU – Did OK against TCU. Alabama vs LSU will determine the SEC Champs.
    10. Florida State – QB from Alabama is a Stud. FSU and Clemson for the ACC.
    11. Georgia – Defense loses but Georgia is still a very good team.
    12. Florida – Can this team get a QB?
    13. Oklahoma State – Beat a bottom feeder in MSU and failed to score big points.
    14. Notre Dame – Will get beat by Michigan this week. 9-3 at best.
    15. Texas – Phil Steele was wrong. Texas is not a top 5 team.
    16. Oklahoma – Is just OK
    17. Michigan – Should be ranked higher. Will win the B1G.
    18. UCLA – Will beat USC again this year.
    19. Northwestern – Played a rebuilding Cal team. OK
    20. Washington – Impressed the voters and thousands of others.
    21. Wisconsin – OK
    22. Nebraska – No defense against the Cowboy’s of Wyoming.
    23. Baylor – Might be the most overlooked team in the country.
    24. TCU – Had a chance to beat LSU and missed out.
    25. USC – Did not impress against Hawaii

    • Stick to Alabama predictions. It’s all you’re good at making.

    • Hahaha had me laughing at that Florida one. Seems pretty accurate. Personally, I don’t think Florida has a shot at all to make it to the Title game. UGA and SCAR are the only teams in the east with a shot to beat Bama. I think South Caroline goes to Atlanta over Georgia (much to my dismay). Hopefully Georgia might be able to handle them in Athens but we still have to get by LSU. Bama is good but they look mortal this year. Close game in Atl between either UGA/Scar and Bama/LSU

    • At years end USC’S 35-5 homefield record (in a SEC schedule) over the last 3-4 years (which will become higher) will take Clem’s son down for the 5th year in a row

  • I’ve NEVER seen a team move so high in the rankings as Miami off beating a team who gave the game away with 5 turnovers!!!!!!

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