AP Top 25 Week 4: Four SEC teams remain in top 10, LSU sitting just outside top 5


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The fourth AP Top 25 was released today. You can view last week’s top 25 here.

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Alabama remains the top team in the country, followed by six other SEC teams in the top 25.

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1. Alabama (59)
2. Oregon (1)
3. Clemson
4. Ohio State
5. Stanford
6. LSU
7. Louisville
8. FSU
9. Georgia
10. Texas A&M
11. Oklahoma State
12. South Carolina
13. UCLA
14. Oklahoma
15. Michigan
16. Miami
17. Washington
18. Northwestern
19. Florida
20. Baylor
21. Ole Miss
22. Notre Dame
23. Arizona State
24. Wisconsin
25. Texas Tech

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  • dear AP, this is a list compiled by idiots with short memories. Arizona State is ranked ahead of Missouri who beat them less than a year ago with Missouri’s second string quarterback. Is anybody who votes on this list aware of the Michigans scores/opponents this year? Oklahoma has beaten exactly who to deserve to be ranked 14? Oklahoma State has beaten who to be ranked ahead of South Carolina?

    • and then there is Washington, did they have a winning record last year? and they sure lost their last two games, then they beat a bottom half Illinois this year, so this results in a #17 ranking this year, explain why?

      • This is this years rankings, not last years..

        • This is a good answer to the question, When should the polls start each year. But if we are going to have polls now we better consider the end of last season and all the changes, plus week 1,2,3

  • @Wolfman: Indeed in a perfect world rankings would not come out until Oct 1. Basing this years rankings on last years performance is unfortunately a human trait and unintended bias in all the polls. Last year has nothing to do with this year. Also rankings tend to be made on “assumed” greatness as tOSU (the Ohio State Univ) will probably go undefeated. Does that make them better than Bama, Oregon or some other top teams? Give tOSU an SEC schedule this year and see how they would fare. As the Bowl games have revealed throughout the years, the Big Ten just doesn’t have the talent to compete. Yes, a team or two will come out with wins but overall they are a weak conference. Trying to understand the rankings is a exercise in futility. All they do is sell magazines and provide internet blog fodder.

    • Chris, If what you write is true it should anger fans, players, coaches, administrators, employees, campuses, supporting business owners, of every ncaaf program because these votes are supposed to be given to “professional football writers’, Men who know the game, Men who are ranking today’s reality instead of historical emotions. If what you say is true the name of the poll would be “AP teams we like to ‘cheer for’ historically”, but the poll is titled 2013 NCAAf ranking poll Week 3. It’s way past time for the cowards to put their names and addresses on their ballots, and have their votes given to real football writing professionals, there are thousands out there who are capable and waiting to vote thoughtful and defendable ballots. It’s not that the last few games of last year can’t be considered, or the changes in coaching staffs, or the unproven freshman class, or the players lost to injury or graduation, pro draft, but all these things have to add up to a believable poll. These college communities are full of real people with real jobs and real sweat, blood, careers and investments at stake. It’s not something we can just excuse arbitrary cheerleading for the favorite teams. Do you personally believe that your good sportswriting should go unrewarded and that you should have no fair chance to advance your position in life based on your performance?? Every professional sportswriter should be demanding accountability and performance from this poll, and excellence in journalism everywhere. Do you really think it does society a favor when tabloid journalism is ok and accuracy is optional? NO, the line between fiction and reality should be guarded forever with every ounce of courage a society can generate. NCAA football is a game, but when our games don’t reflect our values, it is a sick day in America.

  • Come on man!!!

    Your BAMA blog should only list the Top Team in America. You are at risk making “Little Nicky S” very angry. Next thing you know he will storm out of another press conference.

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