College Football Playoff announces 13-member selection committee


The College Football Playoff made it official today. The 13 members of the playoff selection committee were announced, via College Football Playoff:

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  • Jeff Long, vice chancellor and director of athletics, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, Chair
  • Barry Alvarez, director of athletics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Lieutenant General Mike Gould, former superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy
  • Pat Haden, director of athletics, University of Southern California
  • Tom Jernstedt, former NCAA executive vice president
  • Oliver Luck, director of athletics, West Virginia University
  • Archie Manning, former University of Mississippi quarterback and all-pro NFL quarterback
  • Tom Osborne, former head coach and director of athletics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Dan Radakovich, director of athletics, Clemson University
  • Condoleezza Rice, Stanford University professor, former Stanford provost and former United States Secretary of State
  • Mike Tranghese, former commissioner of the Big East Conference
  • Steve Wieberg, former college football reporter, USA Today
  • Tyrone Willingham, former head coach of three FBS institutions

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Here are some further details:

  • Criteria to be on the committee: Integrity, football expertise, objectivity, ability to carefully evaluate and experience making decisions under scrutiny
  • Unlike the BCS, there is no limit to the number of teams from each conference.
  • Playoff committee will meet four times a year starting in midseason and release rankings four times every other week.
  • Playoff committee will consider conference championships, strength of schedule, head-to-head, and comparative outcomes of common opponents.
  • Committee members will serve three-year terms, with the exception of the first committee, which will be staggered so all don’t leave at the same time.
  • Tentatively, the CFB Playoff will put out 4-5 rankings of a Top 25 near the end of the season, around the time the BCS Rankings came out.

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  • Condoleezza Rice….

    • Biggest joke on the committee!!! “Integrity” was supposedly a selection criterion??? She HAS no integrity!!! Knowledge of college football??? Well, she said she like the Cleveland Browns growing up!!! So what!!! Many people did – but that does not necessarily qualify one for the selection committee for COLLEGE football!!! She watches Stanford games??? Many do – but are NOT on the committee!!! She’s “smart”??? Many people are – but that does NOT necessarily qualify them for the selection committee!!! Someone had the temerity to post a comment that she was engaged to a football player??? Wrong!!! No, she wasn’t!!! This same person also said that her father was a football coach??? Her father, who was a minister and pastor of a church in Birmingham before moving with his family to Denver, held administrative positions at Ullman High School in Birmingham (now closed and the site of the school is not a part of the grounds of the University of Alabama – Birmingham (UAB). Reverend Rice, who was among the so-called religious leaders in Birmingham during the civil rights era who DID NOT march with Dr. King and Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth during those terrible days of struggle for equal rights!!! At Ullman he served as a guidance counselor (perhaps he may have also taught some courses there, but I don’t remember for certain) and as one of the assistant coaches for the Ullman football team (not a very good team, which usually lost to our high school, its arch revival which had Colin Powell’s father-in law as principal, who was called “Big Red” by all the students, behind his back, of course, but never to his face). Oh, and the principal at Ullman High School was “Big Red’s brother-in-law!

      • Mguy,chill out. Wieberg wrote for USA Today. She was in charge of foreign relations for the most powerful country on the planet. They are both on it. We can nit pick every person. We can agrue about who could be better. But, she is beyond qualified to assist in picking the playoff teams. She is more qualified to be president than Obama. And you want to talk about Ullman HS? Come on.

  • Jon, This may have been answered elsewhere, but how can current AD’s be on this committee? Wouldn’t the potential of bias be too great?

  • What a complete load of rubbish. People complained about the BCS, so we get this? This won’t even last a season before everyone is calling for their heads.

  • Jon, any idea what type of financial compensation these folks make for their time and service to the college football world?

  • They all should be required per pre existing terms to sign an agreement that if any acceptance of anything with monetary value used to influence selection of teams can and will be punishable by law

  • Nobody takes the playoff system seriously so apparently they’re not either

  • To everyone complaining could you please puke out a list that you think would be a better fit?

  • Looks like a pretty solid list really. You have two guys that would probably have a little SEC bias. Honestly though, I imagine all these guys (& girl) will do this fairly. There’s really no reason not to. If one person on this panel displays consistent prejudice when voting, then I’m sure the others will try to have him (or her) removed. I love Archie, but, should Ole Miss be close to worthy of a Top 4 in the next few years, I trust he would pick another team over us if they are more deserving. Archie loves Ole Miss, but he is fair. I’m sure the rest of these guys are too.

  • Sounds like a very qualified list to me. People of integrity can be unbiased, and I would like to think most of these people are. Just because a person hasn’t played football doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t have knowledge and understanding of the sport. I am an avid fan of the sport. I read a huge volume of articles, watch games, listen to commentary etc….My husband and his friends always come to me with a football question, and I am a woman. It is unfair to assume that because someone is a woman or from a certain conference that he or she isn’t going to do a fantastic job on this panel. They deserve a chance to do the job first before their performance is judged. I am thrilled we are finally going to have a championship so that the teams can play head to head and settle it on the field.

  • Vince Dooley should have been the first person chosen for the committee. What a shame he was not included.

  • Will the specific picks or choices of each member be made public? Or will we just get to see the final completed list every 4 weeks?

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