Tweet of the Week: Will Texas Go After Saban?

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Comments 9

  1. Holt
    Commented : 7 months ago

    Texas keep your hands off Saban

  2. Nick Saban has said multiple times that he will end his career at Alabama! Plus, he isn’t the only decision-maker in that family. His wife, Terry, is perfectly content to stay at Alabama and retire there! Also, Texas would NEVER treat Saban like a god as he is treated at Alabama!

    • as soon as they start puttin the sanctions in place and stripping off that 2012 Nattie, he will be out the door – only question is, USC or t.u.

  3. Too many bigwigs in Texas who’d try to go over his head. Why would a perfectionist with free reign over his program go somewhere where he’d have to deal with constant bureaucratic nonsense?

  4. Texas is too far from his lake house in N. Georgia. But really, why would ANYONE leave BAMA when you’re the Head Coach of the most prominent College program in the USA?

  5. And I might add; the most prominent program in the history of college football!