10 burning questions about the SEC’s bowl season


The SEC officially starts bowl season in six days with Ole Miss and Georgia Tech in the Music City Bowl. And with the SEC’s bowl season, it gives us 10 burning questions, one for every bowl-eligible team:

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1. Alabama: How motivated will Alabama be for a Sugar Bowl berth against Oklahoma now that a national championship is no more?

2. Auburn: Can FSU score more points than Missouri did (42) against Auburn in the SEC Championship?

3. Georgia: It’s terrible that Aaron Murray was injured, but doesn’t Huston Mason earning valuable playing time become a blessing in disguise for Georgia?

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4. LSU: How will freshman QB Anthony Jennings react to his first start replacing injured Zach Mettenberger against Iowa?

5. Mississippi State: Can Mississippi State put a bow on another solid season with a nasty schedule against Rice?

6. Missouri: After giving up so many total yards and rushing yards against Auburn, how does Mizzou bounce back against a similar offense in Oklahoma State?

7. Ole Miss: How does Bo Wallace rebound against Georgia Tech after his poor showing against Mississippi State?

8. South Carolina: Why are the Gamecocks considered underdogs against Big Ten Wisconsin?

9. Texas A&M: How does Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans presumably say goodbye against Duke?

10. Vanderbilt: What will Jordan Matthew’s legacy be and what does it say about Vanderbilt?

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  • Here are my answers:

    1. Yes, I have to believe that Saban will have his team motivated to play Oklahoma
    2. No, The reason I say that is because if you go back and watch the previous NCGs that were suppose to be high scoring, they have turned out to be much lower scoring games than we all thought they would be. Plus, both teams have a lot of time to prepare for one another.
    3. Yes, I think it will help Georgia in the long run to have Mason starting in the bowl game. But as a fan, I would rather see Aaron Murray play.
    4. He will be okay, but I don’t see him having a great game or a bad game. I think LSU will keep the ball on the ground and throw pretty much only when they have too.
    5. Yes, I see MSU as the overall more talented team. Rice is pretty much runs the ball all the time. So MSU’s big DL should be able to control Rice’s running game.
    6. I see Mizzou bouncing back by beating Okla St. Okla St isn’t Auburn and Mizzou’s defense should make enough stops to win.
    7. Yes, Bo Wallace gets back to his old self. If you followed him this season, you would know that he was one of the better QB’s in the league. So if his OL gives him enough time, he will complete a lot of passes.
    8. I have know idea how South Carolina is an underdog against Wisconsin. South Carolina has proved they are a very good team capable of beating just about anyone.
    9. Putting 50+ on Duke would be a good start.
    10. Jordan Matthew’s legacy should be that he is one of the best receivers every in the SEC no matter what happens in the bowl game. As for as Vandy, just like Matthew’s, a classic over achiever.

    • Bo Wallace is one of the worst qb’s in the league. He’s not built for Freeze’s system, and he’s not intelligent enough to run a fast paced no-huddle system. If you’ve ever met him and had a conversation with him, it takes about 10 seconds to realize that he barely has enough brain cells to remember to inhale. Kincade/Buchanan 2014.

      • And before you say I

      • And before you say I’m just bashing him because he blew the State game, know that I have been saying Bo needs to be replaced all season. He looked promising at the beginning of 2012, but I quickly saw that he cannot handle pressure, and then realize that we quickly need to replace him. Brunetti has done infinitely better. Just look at how many of Brunetti-led drives ended in points in big games this year.

        • I’m pretty sure your being way to hard on Bo. He may not be the perfect QB or the best. But considering the QBs Ole Miss has had since even Snead, Bo is a considerable upgrade. Besides the MSU game, Bo has played pretty well. His numbers this season are good, and up until the last two games he only threw 5 ints. He has thrown for over 3,000 yds this season. Believe me when I say this, Ole Miss could have done a lot worse than Bo. He made a lot of improvement since last year. So if continues to improve this offseason, Ole Miss should be just fine next season. I would have to blame the OL for a lot of the offense problems this season. A lot of the time he didn’t have much time do anything in the pocket.

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