SEC early enrollees ready to get a head start on the competition


Several SEC teams welcomed new additions from the 2013 recruiting class as early enrollees.

Getting a head start on the incoming competition is getting more and more popular with each and every year. Two early enrollee standouts who come to mind are Alabama running back TJ Yeldon and wide receiver Amari Cooper, and both had an extra spring to get their feet wet and more comfortable in the offense. And it showed on the Tide’s title run in 2013, as both were so key to winning an SEC Championship and national championship.

Here are the early enrollees for each SEC team, as listed by composite rankings:

Alabama (9)

  • Leon Brown, OL, JUCO transfer
  • Brandon Hill, OL, Prep school
  • OJ Howard, TE, high school
  • Derrick Henry, RB, high school
  • Cooper Bateman, QB, high school
  • Raheem Falkins, WR, high school
  • Parker McLeod, QB, high school
  • Luke Del Rio, QB, high school walk on
  • Jai Miller, S, Minor League Baseball
Arkansas (4)
  • Tiquention Coleman, S, JUCO
  • John McClure, OT, JUCO
  • Myke Tavarres, LB, JUCO
  • Carroll Washington, CB, JUCO

Auburn (3)

  • Ben Bradley, DT, JUCO
  • Cameron Artis-Payne, RB, JUCO
  • Devonte Danzey, OG, JUCO

Florida (8)

  • Kelvin Taylor, RB, high school
  • Demarcus Robinson, WR, high school
  • Tyler Moore, OL, JUCO
  • Darius Cummings, DT, JUCO
  • Joey Ivie, DL, high school
  • Daniel McMillian, LB, high school
  • Matt Rolin, LB, high school
  • Alex Anzalone, LB, high school

Georgia (13)

  • Johnathan Atkins, DT, JUCO
  • Aulden Bynum, OL, high school
  • Josh Cardiello, OL, high school
  • Reggie Carter, LB, high school
  • JJ Green, CB, high school
  • Tray Matthews, S, high school
  • Quincy Mauger, S, high school
  • Chris Mayes, NG, JUCO
  • Brice Ramsey, QB, high school
  • Ryne Rankin, LB, high school
  • Jonathan Rumph, WR, JUCO
  • Tramel Terry, ATH, high school
  • Reggie Wilkerson, CB, high school

Kentucky (4)

  • Reese Phillips, QB, high school
  • Za’Darius Smith, DE, JUCO
  • Steven Borden, TE, JUCO
  • Javess Blue, WR, JUCO

LSU (6)

  • Ethan Pocic, OT, high school
  • John Diarse, WR, high school
  • Anthony Jennings, QB, high school
  • Chrstian LaCouture, DE, high school
  • Logan Stokes, TE, JUCO
  • Fehoka Fanaika, OT, JUCO

Mississippi State (3)

  • Justin Cox, S, JUCO
  • Jeremey Chappelle, WR, JUCO
  • Artimas Samuel, TE, Prep School

Ole Miss (4)

  • Mark Dodson, RB, high school
  • Christian Morgan, TE, high school
  • Nickolas Brassell, ATH, JUCO
  • Lavon Hooks, DT, JUCO

South Carolina (3)
Connor Mitch, QB, high school
Ronnie Martin, CB, JUCO
DJ Park, OL, high school

Tennessee (5)

  • Paul Harris, WR, high school
  • Lemond Johnson, ATH, high school
  • Riyahd Jones, CB, JUCO
  • Jalen Reeves-Maybin, ATH, high school
  • Corey Vereen, LB, high school

Texas A&M (9)

  • Reggie Chevis, LB, high school
  • Jordan Points, DE, high school
  • Alex Sezer, DB, high school
  • Brett Wade, LB, high school
  • Cameron Clear, TE, JUCO
  • Kenny Flowers, LB, JUCO
  • Tommy Sanders, LB, JUCO
  • Jeremiah Stuckey, OL, JUCO

Vanderbilt (2)

  • Johnathon McCrary, QB, high school
  • Sean Dowling, OT, high school

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports



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