SEC power rankings: Week 2


SDS will update the landscape around the SEC with power rankings every week, and even after just one week, they have changed.

Here’s a link to last week’s power rankings.

Let’s update the landscape, shall we?

In the championship hunt

1. Alabama (1-0)
2. LSU (2-0)
3. Georgia (1-1)
4. Texas A&M (2-0)
5. South Carolina (1-1)
6. Florida (1-1)

The SEC’s six big teams remain intact, and they are the frontrunners for the divisions and the conference crown. We’re going to learn everything this weekend with Alabama and Texas A&M, but the West frontrunner may not even be either team. Could LSU be the favorite in the SEC? Georgia is intriguing; they should be 2-0, and is their defense better than Texas A&M’s? South Carolina and Florida round out the top six, and each have question marks after losses. I’m not overreacting to either though.

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Middle tier

7. Ole Miss (2-0)
8. Vanderbilt (1-1)
9. Auburn (2-0)

Seven and eight remain unchanged, but Auburn has jumped into the middle tier. After a solid 2-0 start, the Tigers’ defense showed up last week against Arkansas State. The Tigers improved from week one to two, and this weekend will tell us a lot against Mississippi State.

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Need more sample size

10. Tennessee (2-0)
11. Missouri (2-0)
12. Arkansas (2-0)

Tennessee makes a jump from #12 to #10 this week, but the reality of a brutal schedule will soon kick in Saturday against Oregon. Missouri won a tough game against Toledo, and Arkansas narrowly escaped Samford. Arkansas doesn’t win that game last year, so credit to Bret Bielema and his staff. We’ll know more about these teams in the coming weeks.

Bottom two

13. Mississippi State (1-1)
14. Kentucky (1-1)

The Auburn game means everything to Dan Mullen and Mississippi State. Win that game, and they jump up a tier and leave Kentucky behind. BUT what if the Wildcats pull the upset of the season against Louisville and Teddy Bridgewater? Mark Stoops could run for Governor.

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  • I’m tired of reading about my Mississippi State team. From being in the bottom of everything related to the SEC, to whatever is going on with our recruiting mail. Everyone in Starkville knows about our team. We know what we are and aren’t capable of. We get it. But by God, if I hear or read anything else about how lacking our team is, I may just go on a cowbell slingin’ rampage. Note: this isn’t directed at you, Jon. Your articles are always great to read.

    • Thanks, Moger. Winning cures everything, and it starts this weekend.

    • I understand your frustration. However, Miss. State is always a threat to any team. As a Bama fan I hate to play Miss. St. They are notoriuous spoilers. I would rather Bama play LSWho instead of Miss St. We went through some rough times and luckily Nick Saban came along. The admin at Bama kept trying to get a coach that was admin oriented and not sports. Bill Curry as good a man as he is was not the answer. Mike Price, franchioni(? doesn’t matter) and so on. The only true coaches we had were Gene Stallings and Ray Perkins. Miss. State will be fine and the writers will always put a ? by their name until they win at a minimum the SEC. It will happen one day so hang in there friend.

    • This website is about the SEC and all the schools in it. Whether your team is good or bad. If you are tired of reading about the lack of skill from Mississippi State don’t read an article titled “SEC Power Rankings”

  • You’re tired of hearing how bad State is, so you decided to read the SEC power rankings article on a website dedicated to SEC football?

  • We need to stop pretending that Florida might actually have a chance at winning the National Championship. Hell, they don’t even have a chance at making it to the SEC Championship, much less the National Championship. Not until they can find an offense which isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

    • Of course the Miami loss all but eliminated them from the national scene. The contenders aspect is with respect to the SEC only. You could argue the same about Georgia’s defense, right? Let’s see what happens against Tennessee in two weeks before Florida is completely written off.

      • Georgia defense at least had the goal line stand and fumble recovery to show that they could potential come together as a unit. Florida’s offense has shown nothing to indicate they will come together anytime soon.

  • We really don’t kow what we got in any team at this point in the season. Tenn has a killer schedule with Oregon, Bama, Georgia and South Carolina coming up. Florida doesn’t have the Offense to go far. Georgia doesn’t have the Defense to go far either. Bama hasn’t looked as invincible as last year but, then again they haven’t had to yet. LSU maybe the most well rounded team if Mettenberger can play just average mistake free football. Texas A&M “so far” has had the best Offense but that was Sam Houston State and Rice. We’ll see this weekend if they are for real. South Carolina isn’t out of it either if UGA stumbles along the way. UGA over the years hasn’t played well with hype on them. Hopefully the Clemson loss took enough of the spotlight off them so they can focus on the game in front of them.

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