SEC Week 14 Predictions


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I went 4-4 ATS last week, and Kevin finished 3-5, with the difference being the Vanderbilt-Tennessee outcome. I still lead 62-40 ATS and 86-16 overall, while Kevin is 55-47 ATS and 82-20 overall.

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Let’s roll on to Rivalry Week…

Ole Miss (-3) at Mississippi State

Jon: This could be a trendy upset pick, especially with it being in Starkville. I would love to pick MSU with QB Dak Prescott, but he’s out. I think this will be a lower scoring game than some anticipate with two underrated defenses. Rebels win and cover. Ole Miss 29, Mississippi State 24

Kevin: I’m going with a scrappy Miss State team fighting for respect to keep this game close. I like Ole Miss in the end but within the field goal spread. Ole Miss 22, Miss State 21.

Arkansas at #17 LSU (-25.5)

Jon: This one could turn ugly fast with it being in Death Valley. The Tigers are coming off a huge win, while the Hogs are coming off a heartbreaking loss. Tigers roll and cover. LSU 41, Arkansas 13

Kevin: LSU is playing good football and will win handily. LSU 38, Arkansas 10.

#2 FSU (-27) at Florida

Jon: Along with LSU-Arkansas, this is the most lopsided game in college football during Rivalry Week. I just don’t see Florida moving the ball at all on offense against FSU’s nasty defense. Noles win and cover. FSU 38, Florida 10

Kevin: Normally I’d say Florida keeps this close because of Florida’s talent on defense and the intense hatred these teams have for eachother, but it appears that Muschamp has lost his team and the players don’t believe they can keep this one close. Florida State 41, Florida 7.

Wake Forest at Vanderbilt (-14.5)

Jon: Vanderbilt has been winning close games, and although Wake isn’t a great team, Vandy shouldn’t blow them out. I like Vanderbilt to win but Wake to cover. Vanderbilt 24, Wake Forest 17

Kevin:  Vanderbilt will win, and I agree with Jon, it won’t be a blow out. Vandy 28, Wake Forest 20.

#1 Alabama (-11) at #4 Auburn

Jon: The SEC’s Game of the Week should turn into a thriller, and it sets up for an epic night in Jordan-Hare Stadium. I think through three quarters these two teams will be neck and neck; however, I like Alabama to pull away late in the fourth…maybe with a turnover or a pick-six. Alabama wins and covers. Alabama 38, Auburn 25

Kevin: Auburn has had a hell of a season, but this game, they’ll realize they still have a ways to go to beat Alabama. Saban will be ready for the ground game, and I’m not sure Auburn has enough to pick on Alabama’s secondary. I like them to pull away big in the second half. Alabama 41, Auburn 24.

Georgia (-3) at Georgia Tech

Jon: Who knows how Hutson Mason will play in his first start on the road in a rivalry game, but it will hurt not seeing Aaron Murray out there slinging the rock. I like Georgia to win, but Tech will make this one way too close and could pull the upset. Georgia 38, GA Tech 37

Kevin: I’m going with Georgia getting fired up and playing good football here despite losing their leader in Aaron Murray. Georgia 35, GT 24.

Tennessee (-4.5) at Kentucky

Jon: This game could literally go either way, and Kentucky feels they can win this one. I like the Vols to win, but UK covers and makes is way too close for comfort. Tennessee 21, Kentucky 17

Kevin:  Tennessee gets a needed win to close the season and build some small momentum for Butch Jones. Tennessee 24, Kentucky 14.

#6 Clemson at #10 South Carolina (-4.5)

Jon: In what should be another thriller, the Gamecocks have owned Clemson the last several years. The biggest key to me is Jadeveon Clowney. He needs to dominate the line of scrimmage one more time against the Tigers. Carolina wins but Clemson covers. South Carolina 35, Clemson 31

Kevin: South Carolina plays up and down to their competition. They’ll get up and play up to Clemson and win. South Carolina 38, Clemson 31.

#21 Texas A&M at #5 Missouri (-4.5)

Jon: No BCS bowl; no Heisman Trophy; what is there left to play for if you’re Texas A&M? Missouri has everything to play for, but TAMU won’t just lie down. Mizzou is better than what most think, and I think they take care of business against a tired TAMU offense. Mizzou 39, Texas A&M 34

Kevin: One of the more entertaining games of the weekend most likely…this one has the makings of a suprise with some magic from Manziel, but I’m going to bet on Mizzou who has been doing it all year. They win a close one. Mizzou 41, Texas A&M 38.



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  • Solid picks. I agree with all but one. I know everyone on hear will throw a tissy but I think Clemson is gonna beat South Carolina this weekend and catch the gamecocks worrying too much about the Mizzou vs Atm game than finishing out their season.

    • I think Clemson’s early win over GA made them look better than they are and made the whole ACC look better than it is. South Carolina will beat Clemson in a low scoring game, but if the SC defense can’t hold Boyd and company down then Clemson has a slim chance.

  • Last game let’s have some fun post your predictions compared to these guys who have done an awesome job all year…….

    Ole Miss 27 Miss State 10
    LSU 42 Arkansas 17
    FSU 55 Florida 14
    Vandy 31 Wake 20
    Alabama 38 Auburn 21
    Georgia 24 GT 13
    Tennessee 27 Kentucky 17
    Clemson 38 SC 31
    Mizzou 45 Texas A&M 27

    Happy Turkey Day everyone enjoy the game today and the best weekend in college football…………….

    • Excellent DC. Next year we want readers to play against us. Happy Thanksgiving.

      • Look forward to it, maybe the Tigers will step up and revamp their stadium and increase seating also. I’m for a teardown and brand new one, great fans always welcome other fans with open arms.

        • The stadium has been under renovation all season to open a new set of luxury seating opposite the press box. Unless you plan on getting another couple hundred mil from the Walton’s I don’t like the chances on getting a new stadium anytime soon.

        • The Zou is already a great stadium and it gets better every year. The only improvement needed is for the fans to be league-best every home game. The capacity should go up to nearly 80,000 by next August.

  • All of yall can go to h***. There’s a reason why Clemsux is known for Clemsoning. There’s a reason why Connor Shaw has never lost at home. The hatred in this rivalry is greater than most could ever imagine. It doesn’t surprise me that people that know nothing about it are making these genius picks. Go ahead and make it 5 in a row.

    • people are making picks calm down mine is obviously different than yours but we will all see on saturday. And if your gamecockes can’t beat tennessee who have not had a good year then what makes you think they can beat clemson? Home field advantage only goes so far especially in a rivalry game

    • Dude relax! it just opinions of others I admire your dedication and love for your team, but no need to feel like you just got a wedgie from other fans!

    • If 5 undefeated seasons, a national championship and 18 conference titles is clemsoning then what is SCar with no undefeated seasons, no NC, and one 1969 ACC title? Plus Clemson owns the overall 65-41. USC has a losing record to every ACC historical team (including Duke)except one

      • Sounds like you’re a lost Clemson fan on the wrong website. No one has ever denied the past 90 years of the rivalry. Nobody ever will. Carolina’s football history is horrific. The past ten years is a different story. Keep living in the past and let the future move on without you.

        • You’re living in the past 10 years as opposed to the here and now. Clemson is a better team than USC…

      • So dumb. You sound just like the average CU fan. Stating an all-time record vs. another school is meaningless. Hell, Oregon used to be terrible and Tenn used to be great; now Tenn gets beat by 40 pts by them.
        SC has won the last 4 and it doesn’t mean they’ll win Saturday. Who gives a s*** who won 30,40 years ago?

  • I have used this site all year and predictions have been very solid. Heres mine
    Ole miss 28- miss 24
    Arkansas 10- LSU 42
    FSU 49- Flordia 10
    Vandy 31- Wake forest 17
    Bama 31- auburn 24
    Georgia 21- GT 24
    Tennessee 28- KU 24
    Clemson 34- SC 28
    Mizzou 42- texas a&m 31
    I don’t think the gamecockes will beat clemson. I can’t see them losing to my vols but beating a very good clemson team

    • Tennessee was our yearly donation to some poor team. We literally do this every year. Clemson is nowhere near deserving of their ranking. Yall do not watch Clemson like we do. We watch Clemson more than any other team, besides ourselves of course, in the nation. Clemson’s did beat Georgia this year in week one, we’ll give them that. Aside from that they have done NOTHING impressive. Unless beating GA tech by about 30 is nice. Just look at those quality wins over nc state, bc, and maryland. Their offense has been spotty all year. Their defense is VERY underrated, but their offense has just been so inconsistent for the talent that they have. If this game is in Clemson, then yes maybe they’re favored. But its not, its in the stadium that hosts the longest winning streak in the nation. Saturday night you will see how overrated those orange and purple idiots are.

      • Sounds like us are just a hater.

        • And yes, I absolutely f****** hate that crap hole of a town that they call Clemson.

        • Sounds like you are desperate to troll. Note that the only decent team Clemson has faced all season dominated them on both sides of the ball in their own house. USC may not be as complete as FSU, but if Clemson comes into Williams-Brice with their heads held too high then this year will follow the same storyline as their previous two visits.

  • Gosh I hate to pick winners cause the players and coaches really decide these. I’ll put it this way: 2013 AL has not seen a 2013 Auburn yet, and Auburn has grown a lot this year. LSU has more threats than AR. MS-St. has more to gain. Florida can save their whole season by beating Florida State. There is a huge difference between the middle of the SEC and the middle of the ACC and Vanderbilt is going to show this. Georgia will not dishonor Aaron Murray, they will play great football. Butch Jones and Mark Stubbs might look about the same right now but unless Stubbs changes his attitude and the teams this will be the last year they look similar. South Carolina had better wins this year because they are a better team in a better conference than Clemson, Clemson has a very good qb and a star receiver.
    aTm has had a lot of glory this past 2 football seasons, but this Missouri team is very driven and determined.

  • Miss State 24 Ole Miss 23
    LSU 49 Arkansas 7
    FSU 56 Florida 10
    Vandy 27 Wake 20
    Alabama 41 Auburn 20
    Georgia 45 GT 24
    Tennessee 31 Kentucky 14
    SC 31 Clemson 28
    Mizzou 41 Texas A&M 38

  • Ole Miss 35 Miss St. 19
    LSU 49 Arky 10
    FSU 56 UF14
    Vandy 38 WF 17
    Bama 42 Auburn 14
    UGA 24 GT 21
    Tennessee 34 UK 24
    Clemson 38 So.Carolina 21
    Mizzou 42 TX A&M 35

  • Missouri faithful have been moaning and groaning all year they have gotten no respect. Now everyone’s picking them Saturday over Texas A&M… how does Missouri respond to all this new-found respect? Maybe lay another egg like they did against South Carolina? It never fails…..A&M has nothing to play for and Missouri has everything to play for….we shall see!

    Everyone is picking Alabama over Auburn even though they are playing in Auburn. Maybe it is because of the major prayer that was answered in the Georgia game. I just get uneasy when “everyone” picks one team when both teams are capable. This one also could go either way.

    Clemson at South Carolina. Excuse me but playing an ACC schedule is just not the same as playing an SEC schedule…they don’t match up. To give an example how “soft” the ACC is, two years ago the Gamecocks just thumped Clemson, but Clemson still got the Orange Bowl nod, where the result of that one is still brought up from time to time just for grins. The Gamecocks play Clemson every year as the last game on their regular season schedule. There is not one player, not one, on the Clemson roster who has ever beaten South Carolina, and Saturday the Gamecocks will be going for 5 years in a row over Clemson. This one is a no brainer. The Gamecocks are actually playing for what could be a Sugar Bowl slot if Missouri wins on Saturday and others win and lose appropriately….but wait, as Lee Corso would say, not so fast, my friends…….

    Texas A&M over Missouri by 10
    Auburn over Alabama by 2
    South Carolina over Clemson by 28

    Of course, if all three games end like I have stated, it will be Auburn and South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game, and if South Carolina wins, they would go to…..the Sugar Bowl. Yes, that’s right, if Missouri wins on Saturday, that will knock South Carolina out of the SEC championship game, but if they soundly defeat Clemson, South Carolina will be one of the top picks for……the Sugar Bowl!

    No matter what happens, this coming weekend is why college football is about the most popular happening on the planet. Let’s play ball! Go Gamecocks!

    • Wow…good luck w that.

    • It’s not respect ! It’s the fact Johnny has nothing to play for, so he’s not going to lay it out on Saturday. Thers No nation championship , no SEC Championship, no BCS bowl, and he’s going pro can’t damage the money machine. Johnny won’t be jumping, hiding, photo bombing, crawling, riding on the backs of linemen in order to get in the end zone all the stuff we love to see from a true American Hero! We respect Mizzou you have put out some awesome players like Blaine Gabbert . Keep it up.

    • Okay I could possibly see a&m over mizzou by 10, but even im doubtful about that. I can see us over Clemson by 100 just because they think orange and purple match….and as far as Auburn over Bama, that’s hard. Bama SHOULD cover the spread. Welcome to rivalry weekend. One thing is for sure though, I think the whole SEC is doing the gator chomp come Saturday!

    • WranglerGamecocks,

      If you call losing in double overtime without your quarterback and the leader of your defense “laying an egg” you must think very little of your gamecocks… Then again, they did lose to Tennessee.

      • Maybe JF doesn’t have anything, really, to play for; but, don’t forget his ego! He might just come out on fire.
        [aside: The SEC would like to make Mizzou v A&M a rivalry. I don’t think so. There already IS a rivalry. An old one and a good one … A&M v LS&U.]

        • After this season it’ll be MIZ vs Ark and atm vs LSU on rivalry weekend every year. I agree though, no history or hate between Mizzou and atm.

      • USC did lay an egg against Tenn, I have no problems with that statement. You can rationalize it all you want (qb, missed fg, 2 OT, etc..) but yes, Mizzou did lay an egg against USC. The opponent in that situation is irrelevant. Any time you have a 3 score lead in the 4th quarter at home and lose, that is laying an egg. At a time when you needed it most, you couldn’t put a 5 minute drive together to run clock, better yet even get a first down. Sorry, but again, regardless of the opponent or circumstances, to allow any team back in that game is laying an egg.

        • So basically what you’re saying is that USC is a shit team and it had nothing to do with them or their effort. Okay, if that’s how you want to look at it.

  • I suppose it is understandable that people would have questions about Hutson Mason. Here’s the thing: He has probably had more snaps with much o our current receiving corp than Murray. And lets not forget we still have the best damn RB in the nation carrying the rock. We will crush those silly bugs by 3 scores.

  • LSU 35 Arkansas 10
    FSU 42 Florida 3
    Vandy 34 Wake 17
    Alabama 38 Auburn 20
    Georgia 24 GT 13
    Tennessee 35 Kentucky 14
    USC 34 Clemson 20
    Texas A&M 45 MIzzou 42

    Well its GREAT to be a Gamecock! And I’m fired up for all the match ups this weekend! To echo some of my Gamecock brethren, I simply hope that the SEC rolls through the ACC, I wish that Florida could find a way to knock out FSU, but I don’t see that happening! Hopefully the Gators will have enough pride to put up some sort of a defense of their precious Swamp.

    I think the Tide reminds the Country why they are number one and rolls over Auburn. Though I think Auburn fights hard on valor!

    Mizzou, even before the entrance to the SEC I’ve always recognized their ability to punch teams in the mouth. However, as a Gamecock fan I’ve gotta believe that Johnny Football helps us out and gets us tickets to Atlanta.

    As for USC v Clemson. Bias aside, I think it will be a hard fought game. I think the two teams are comparable in terms of skill, but I think the home field advantage, passion of Clowney, and the others players on defense gets electric and stops that Chad Morris offense in its tracks. I think the Gamecock offense returns to earlier season form, and exposes what I believe is an overrated Clemson Defense. (Anyone else watch that Boston College and NC State Game?) On any given day, a team can pull somethign amazing out, but I think the Gamecocks survive at home and PROTECT THIS HOUSE.


  • As for the all the Clemson-SCAR talk. I wouldn’t be a true fan if I didn’t pick my Gamecocks to win this one. Bringing up the past record of either team is nonsense because we play in the current year and the previous years have ZERO bearing on this season. Do I want the 5th win in a row? Absolutely! Do I realize that it will be a hard fought battle at Williams-Brice? You bet! The one thing that I do know and have noticed in the past few years is this: When Spurrier came to Cola, one of the first things he did was removed all the “Beat Clemson” crap from around the locker rooms and weight rooms. Why? Because he felt it was worthless since they were in a different conference and had no real bearing on getting the team to ATL. He changed the mindset, now you rarely hear the team talk about Clemson. Just about every news article you read about the Clemson/SC rivalry from the Clemson perspective all you read and hear about is “beating Carolina,” Seems like a reversal and Dabo is more worried about the last regular season game for the most part than he is the rest of the season.

  • If Clemson wins it will be b/c they’re a good team, not b/c SC is worried about the Mizzou game. It’s the biggest game for a lot of those players.

  • I truely do not see why so many are picking tennessee to beat kentucky by so much I am a huge vols fan but tennessee looked awful against vandy at neyland. I think it will be a close game rather than a two touchdown game or anyrhing

  • Mizzou 65 – A&M 38
    SCAR 20 – Clemson 10
    Georgia 34 – GA Tech 13
    Bama 41 – Auburn 23
    Kentucky 25 – Tennessee 20
    Vandy 14 – WF 9
    LSU 31 – Arky 13
    FSU 100 – Florida 2

    Take it to vegas

  • Ok so I haven’t seen ANYONE do say this yet and it’s clear why, and before anyone jumps to conclusions I’m a Bama fan, but I’m going to be the one guy who picks Florida over FSU. I don’t want FSU to lose and we all know how FSU has an amazing balance offense and defensively and Florida has a HUGE loss from injury BUT…
    if Florida can put the GSU loss behind them since they now know there’s no bowl game only FSU left.
    if Muschamp can put all the conservative playcalling BS behind him and utilize those good Runningbacks and rusty playermakers and throw every offensive play he’s got (saving their 3rd string qb for goal line fades) and make his defense go in there playing EVERY down I think Florida can make a huge upset in a tight one. Yeah I’m crazy but if Florida wins 27-26 everyone owes me a dollar. That should be like 500k dollars lol.

  • Great pick on the South Carolina vs. Clemson game GamecockToss. We easily covered and I finished in the money in my college picks pool for the year! Mizzou, UGA, UT and FSU all covered as well. Definitely should’ve picked Arkansas to cover a 25 point spread in a game where the score has been very close the past few years. Good to see the SEC take 3 of 4 from the EZZ!

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