SEC football stadiums by current and future capacity


Neyland Stadium’s reign of being the SEC’s largest stadium is coming to an end in 2014. Tennessee’s stadium seats 102,455 fans, but Kyle Field is about to change everything.

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Texas A&M’s Kyle Field seated 82,589 fans last year, but the current two-phase renovation and expansion will push it to 102,500 in 2015. Because construction will be done in phases, the capacity for the 2014 season is expected to actually be 107,000-109,000, which could set attendance records.

Bryant-Denny Stadium will be the SEC’s third largest stadium, seating 101,821 fans.

LSU’s current expansion of the South End Zone will make it the SEC’s fourth largest stadium. Tiger Stadium’s capacity will go from 92,400 to 100,000 in 2014 and the future focus will be on fan experience, as this will likely be the last expansion to Tiger Stadium.

Five SEC stadiums have been under renovation this offseason; four of the five are expanding their stadiums (Texas A&M, LSU, Missouri and Mississippi State), while Kentucky’s renovation will reduce capacity from 67,692 to 61,000, making it a smaller, more fan-friendly atmosphere.

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Razorback Stadium has a future goal of getting to 80,000 capacity, while Ole Miss will start construction soon on expanding Vaught-Hemingway Stadium to around 70,000-75,000 fans in the next few years.

Here’s a breakdown of 2013 capacity, 2014 capacity and future capacity:

Team Stadium 2013 2014 Future
Texas A&M Kyle Field 82,589 107,000 102,500
Tennessee Neyland Stadium 102,455 102,455 NA
Alabama Bryant-Denny Stadium 101,821 101,821 NA
LSU Tiger Stadium 92,400 100,000 NA
Georgia Sanford Stadium 92,746 92,746 NA
Florida Ben Hill Griffin Stadium 88,548 88,548 NA
Auburn Jordan-Hare Stadium 87,451 87,451 NA
S. Carolina Williams-Brice Stadium 80,250 80,250 NA
Missouri Memorial Stadium 71,009 77,000 NA
Arkansas Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium 72,000 72,000 80,000
Miss State Davis Wade Stadium 55,082 61,337 NA
Kentucky Commonwealth Stadium 67,692 61,000 NA
Ole Miss Vaught-Hemingway Stadium 60,580 60,580 70,000
Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Stadium 40,350 40,350 NA



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  • “Texas A&M Kyle Field 2013- 82,589 2014- 107,000 Future- 102,500”

    So… Texas A&M is going to expand to 107K next year, then remove 5K of the seats they added?

    • Yes. Phase I renovation includes one side, while the phase to will finalize the construction and make it slightly smaller than 107k. The end result will be 102,500.

      • That does seem a bit odd how A&M is expanding their stadium, but as an Ole Miss fan I can’t wait for them to bowl in the stadium. It still won’t be the largest stadium, but it will be one of best stadiums. I think 70,000 should be the capacity because Ole Miss would have a hard time filling up the stadium if the capacity was 75,000.

        • I thought yall still played in Jackson?

        • This is because the overall phase 1 expansion is the student side. When we do the Former student side, it will increase the box seats and reduce general admission. This is kind of standard around big stadiums. You drop seats for the high dollar suites.

        • @LSUDUDE: I don’t know if you actually being serious, but if you are, your an idiot. Secondly, I should have known that you were an idiot just from the fact that your a LSU fan.

        • Armyguy– You really should make sure you have mastered 6th grade language skills before you take to the internet to call anyone an idiot. Let me help: “your” is used when you want to refer to something that belongs to another person, eg., “your stupidity.” “You’re” is short for “you are,” eg., “you’re an idiot.”

        • Armyguy007 right off the bat I knew you would be a Ole Piss fan. Ole Miss makes the whole state look bad you inbreed, trashy, racist punks. Hope nothing but bad things for you

        • @Brooks An MSU fan calling Ole Miss fans inbred is like a turd calling a sunset ugly. When you have hip surgery at age 18, you’re no longer allowed to pull the inbred card.

  • LSU’s capacity has not officially been released, but Les Miles has let be known more than once. It will be between 103,000 and 104,000 with the standing room only area on top of the new addition. Cannot wait and the visitors will now be at the top as well.

  • Yes, if you only look at the recent stadium reduced capacity. But, actually Missouri has 7 previous crowds of over 72,000. 3 vs. Conference-Division rival Nebraska, then Penn State, then Alabama, and then Colorado. Two of those games attendance were over 75,000. There are no seats on the wide concourse above the north end zone, so might not be counted. I’m not sure if the people who sit adjacent to the grass-rock M get counted either Both of Missouri’s last two stadium renovations added quality and reduced the space for quantity seating. It’s cool having the experience of attending the mega stadiums once or twice, but the last time I saw a world cup match at Azteca the field looked like my hand facing up on my knee and the players looked like tiny red ants about as tall as a dime is thick.

  • Gonna be hard to beat Vols record of 109k plus

  • Neyland needs to be blown up and started over. To increase the capacity, all they did was decrease the size of each person’s seat. I’ll never go back into that POS stadium because if you’re not the first person ont he row, you have to fight to get enough room to sit.

    • You are exactly right! I am proud to say by the young age of 22 -I am soon to be 27-, I had been to every SEC stadium to see AU play -TAMU and Mizzou not counting at the time-. The crappiest stadiums I had witnessed were both Neyland and Tiger Stadium. As you mentioned with Neyland, all they did for their 100,000+ capacity was cut the seating in half on each row. Tiger Stadium, at least as far as visiting fans were concerned, had no leg room and caused your knees to be jammed into the back of others’ heads the entire game. Not only that, but if you had to get up for concessions or to use the restroom, you literally had to climb over everyone. I know the fabled story of why LSU built the stadium as it stands today, I know it is simply dorms with a field in the middle to get around the law in place that would not allow an on-campus stadium in Baton Rouge at the time, but my god, just knock both down and make decent stadiums in general!

    • If you’re sitting down at Neyland Stadium, you’re doing it wrong.

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