Joe Burrow may be coming for Roger Goodell’s job.

The LSU legend visited the “Pardon My Take” podcast and had an intriguing for the NFL schedule. When an 18-game schedule was brought up, Burrow shared his idea for a midseason Pro Bowl.

“I think it would be cool to do a normal bye week schedule that it is now. Have it spread out, but then like Week 13, do the Pro Bowl break where you are doing the seven-on-seven, and all the skills challenges, like the NBA does,” Burrow said. “I think that would get more ratings for the Pro Bowl.”

It’s no secret that the Pro Bowl has lost some of its luster over the years as the format and location have changed. As Burrow mentioned, the NBA, like the MLB and NHL, uses the all-star game as a midseason break.

TV partners would not be amused losing a week of Thursday/Sunday/Monday games. However, Burrow’s idea comes with an 18-game suggestion, meaning the networks would be getting an additional weekend of games compared to the current 17-game schedule.

It’s safe to say plenty of fans are on board with Burrow’s idea to redo the season schedule and give the Pro Bowl a midseason spotlight. Social media reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

As for Burrow, he’s gearing up for a bounce-back year in his fifth professional season. Burrow was limited to just 10 games in 2023 before suffering a season-ending wrist injury. The Cincinnati Bengals started the season 5-4 before Burrow’s injury, finishing 9-8 overall and missing the playoffs.