Freshman strong safety Lubern Figaro created a stir Wednesday before he’s played a single college down for Wisconsin.

Miffed at the SEC vs. Big Ten motif ahead of Saturday’s matchup against LSU, Figaro sounded off to reporters about the attention given toward the country’s most hated conference.

“You should feel disrespected. We all know the Big Ten is better than the SEC,” Figaro said.

The matchup between the Badgers and Tigers fits the stereotypes pretty well. Most of Wisconsin’s best players are offensive linemen. LSU can out-athlete most any team in the country. But Figaro seems unfazed.

“We match their speed,” Figaro told SB Nation. “We are way more physical than them. This is Wisconsin.”

It’s unclear whether LSU is aware of Figaro’s comments, which haven’t been picked up yet by the mainstream media. But, much like Andre Williams calling the Giants “the real New York team” before even playing a down of NFL football, they are ill-conceived at best.

It’s not wise to incite SEC fans and provide potential motivation to LSU’s young playmakers entering Saturday. And if Figaro makes any missteps, I’d expect him to hear about it from LSU fans.