Dan Mullen would be in bed by the time the fourth quarter starts in Mississippi State’s first two games.

The Bulldogs’ first two games of the season will start on Saturday and end on Sunday. Against Southern Miss, MSU has a 9 p.m. local time kickoff, and the very next week, the team hosts LSU with an 8:15 p.m. kickoff.

And Mullen isn’t happy about it. He even says a petition should be brought against the NCAA, because it outlawed practices past midnight.

“You expect the games will still be going on past midnight,” Mullen said. “It’s kind of ridiculous.

“That’s just the way it is,” he continued. “That’ll change the way we prepare when we get closer to game week. I’m usually asleep by then and I’ve gotta be rocking and rolling in the fourth quarter. Our guys aren’t used to performing at midnight. In fact we used to train them at midnight in the summer and the NCAA outlawed that.

“I guess we should petition the NCAA,” Mullen said. “If they’re going to make us play after midnight then they should let us practice after midnight and train after midnight in the offseason.”

You can watch Mullen’s press conference here: