Connor McGovern likely will get selected in the 2016 NFL draft.

But if his pro football career fails, he’s got plenty of backup options, starting with bodybuilding and becoming a strength coach.

McGovern broke a school record in the weight room Friday, squatting 690 pounds five times.

Maybe his success will prompt him to forego any other crazy feats of strength the rest of this offseason. You may recall that McGovern partially tore his pectoral muscle last year trying to set the school record in the bench press on an attempt of 515 pounds (you read that correctly).

With a reported squat max of 785 pounds, McGovern is a son of a body-builder who began lifting in elementary school and designed a home gym that resembles a dungeon.

Considering Mizzou plans to start McGovern at left tackle this fall, with legitimate concerns about the passing game, the Tigers don’t want another weight room-related injury.

McGovern, we’re all impressed, and look forward to seeing what you can do at the NFL Combine in February. Now stay healthy.