LSU fans, you’ve lost a member of meme royalty. The game won’t be the same without the grass-eating, aggressively hugging, disoriented-speech-giving Les Miles.

That means no more of this:


But it’s ok, Tiger fans. The immediate future includes Ed Orgeron, a walking embodiment of Farmer Fran from The Waterboy, and a man with a storied meme career during his short stint in the SEC.

Here’s a local Hummer commercial he did, in perhaps the most 2006 move ever.

“Tell em about it, Jo Jo!”

Ah, 2006, a time when America was foolish enough to drive boats with wheels – and Ole Miss was foolish enough to hire Orgeron, who went 10-25 during his time in Oxford.

Yes, Coach O and his Cajun ways were a bit strange to the people in Mississippi, and he was turned into a kind of folk character.

Now let’s get to the memes:


This one’s from the SDS archives, but it holds new weight in light of recent events.




lsu2 lsu-1


Little did he know, Orgeron would once again get the chance to take over as interim head coach. Like a Cajun version of the Roman emperor Cincinnatus, he will lead his people through these dark times – only to give up the mantle once order is restored.