Each week brings new memes to social media, and sometimes the week even brings back some classics. Here are the best memes from around the SEC in Week 14:

We Have a Second MEME

Wake Up UF Offense MEME

Cow Turd MEME

TS Gators Two Yards MEME

UA Selfie Stick MEME

UF Dead Fish

When You Say Hate Alabama MEME

UA Hater Block MEME

Coker Best QB WR MEME

Zoolander for Heisman MEME

Striker Heisman Campaign MEME

Predator Weather Scared MEME

Verne Gary 9 Months MEME

Ole Miss Bowl Ring MEME

Barners Vulcan Butt MEME

Muschamp Baby pic MEME

Thought Muschamp Good Idea MEME

Pac 12 Fans Travel MEME

Bama Never Forget MEME

Thank You Kirby MEME

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