One of the few SEC teams that has stayed to its classic style over the last several decades, LSU’s iconic white jersey with gold and purple shoulder stripes and numerals have remained relatively unchanged since Paul Dietzel entertained the look in 1957.

NCAA Football: Washington at LSUThat same year, Dietzel updated LSU’s old gold helmets to a brighter, yellow hue. He’s always credited with started the Tigers’ tradition of wearing white jerseys at home and on the road. Forced to wear purple jerseys at Tiger Stadium from 1983 to 1994 due to NCAA rules, first-year coach Gerry DiNardo lobbied for his team’s unique uniform request to the rules committee and won.

Currently, LSU only wears white jerseys for the home opener and for home games against SEC opponents.

Unnoticeable by most, Nike’s last minor alteration to the Tigers’ preferred jersey came in 2012 when the Swoosh decided it was time to cut the shoulder stripes short a bit, stopping at the collarbone just above the sleeve opening.

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Since the turn of the century, the Tigers have donned three different Nike-inspired alternate uniforms:

NCAA Football: LSU Tigers at Mississippi State BulldogsLSU’s gold helmets with two narrow purple stripes and a solid white stripe down the center have been the gameday choice since 1977. Three years later, the Tigers switched from grey facemasks to purple. The team’s tiger head logo with the blocked LSU wordmark first appeared in 1972, though slightly different than the current look with the school name inside a circle containing the tiger head graphic.

The Tigers head was updated prior to the start of the 2014 campaign, giving it a more sinister appearance.

Gold pants have been the gameday choice for over half a century. LSU has donned white alternate pants six times over the last 20 years and wore a rare purple set in 1995 at Kentucky.

Current preferred uniform combinations