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Shakeup Saturday is now in the books, and one of the most difficult things to do is rank how the SEC’s 14 teams stack up. Five SEC West teams are ranked in the top 10 of this week’s AP Poll. You think that division is loaded? It’s the best division in the history of college football. Yeah, I went there.

Every week, SDS will poll its writers, and we’ll provide a collective SEC power rankings, instead of it coming from just one writer with one impression of every team.

Here are the SEC power rankings after Week 3, according to our staff:

Projected out of a bowl game
14. Vanderbilt Commodores

Had Vanderbilt lost to UMass, the Commodores likely would have finished the season 0-12. That drifts back into the Robbie Caldwell days. Trying times in Nashville, but at least Patton Robinette has emerged at quarterback.

Fighting for bowl contention
13. Tennessee Volunteers
12. Kentucky Wildcats
11. Arkansas Razorbacks

Tennessee played about how everyone expected them to at Oklahoma, overmatched but not embarrassed. If not for a couple turnovers in OU territory, the outcome could have been a lot closer. The aches and pains of rebuilding a fallen program is evident along the O-line…Were you not entertained? Kentucky will contend for a bowl game, and the program is way ahead of schedule. A triple-OT game in The Swamp is nothing to hang your head about and nothing to hang your hat on. We still don’t know how good Florida really is…Arkansas impressed SDS’ staff this week by pushing around Texas Tech with big boy football. The Hogs will line it up and run it down your throat with swagger and confidence, because they’re tougher than you. This was a huge win for the conference and a huge win for a program looking to become bowl eligible.

The unknowns
10. Florida Gators
9. Mississippi State
8. Missouri Tigers

Nobody will know if Florida’s close win over Kentucky tells you more about the Cats or the Gators for a few weeks. Florida still has question marks on offense, but the unit has improved overall. We’ll know next week against Alabama whether the Gators are going to contend or be very average, again…Mississippi State gets its first true test this week against LSU, and we’ll separate a contender and a pretender. The Bulldogs are close to clicking, and Dak Prescott continues to rack up touchdowns multiple ways. Prescott is worthy of the hype…Missouri is the East’s third ranked team this week, but they are in perfect position to wreak havoc. Maty Touchdown is on pace for 52 scores this season, and the Tigers’ defensive line isn’t missing a beat without Kony Ealy and Michael Sam. Mizzou is for real, and the schedule gets real in two weeks against South Carolina.

Three really interesting teams
7. Georgia Bulldogs
6. Ole Miss Rebels
5. South Carolina Gamecocks

Georgia, Ole Miss and South Carolina can be justified anywhere at No. 5, 6 and 7. Georgia dropped this week after its loss to South Carolina, and why Mark Richt and Mike Bobo went away from Todd Gurley in the red zone will be debated for years…Ole Miss with that Bo Wallace Saturday is a real contender. The Rebels’ defense is elite, while the offense will go as far as Wallace takes them…South Carolina turned the SEC East race on its head by beating the Bulldogs, and Steve Spurrier looked like a kid on Christmas morning beating the Dawgs once again. The Gamecocks have played three of the toughest offenses in the country: Texas A&M, ECU and Georgia. How’s that for the resume?

Pair of SEC West teams
4. LSU Tigers
3. Texas A&M Aggies

In typical LSU fashion, the Tigers’ defense and running game is dominant. LSU is four deep in the backfield with Darrel Williams emerging Saturday, and John Chavis’ unit pitched its second straight shutout. Still, questions remain in the passing game…Another week and another Texas A&M thumping of an opponent. Rice outgained the Aggies, but that didn’t matter. Kenny Hill threw for another four touchdowns, but did Rice expose the defense somewhat Saturday?

Iron Bowl battle
2. Auburn Tigers
1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Well, it all goes through the Iron Bowl, at least for this week. Auburn had the bye week and remained steady as the SEC’s No. 2 team. The Tigers return to action Thursday night against Kansas State…Alabama is the new No. 1 on SDS’ power rankings. The Tide hammered Southern Miss this weekend, and the Blake Sims era continues. Amari Cooper continues torching defenses. Which teams will emerge to put pressure on the Crimson Tide’s defense? The SEC West is nasty.