Each week brings new memes to social media, and sometimes the week even brings back some classics. Here are the best memes from around the SEC in Week 8:

MIssouri Big 12 MEME

Gus Bus fire MEME

Ark Milk Carton MEME

UT is next MEME

Great Wall MEME

LSU Unbeaten MEME

Verne and Gary only men MEME

LG Auburn catch MEME

Missouri Cable:DirecTV MEME

Fournette Train MEME

UF Kickers MEME

Peyton Nationwide jingle MEME


OSU Smell Cupcakes MEME

Aub Ark Big 12 MEME

AJ Waterboy MEME

Mallet Fired MEME

Four in a Reaux MEME

Tebow God loves UGA MEME

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