120: Receptions that Malcome Kennedy is on pace to secure during the regular season, along with 1,002 receiving yards. Kennedy isn’t the fastest or tallest Aggies receiver, but he’s been the most consistent and productive through four games, catching a team-best 30 passes. Only Alabama’s Amari Cooper has more.

0: Sacks for Myles Garrett against SMU on Saturday. The Aggies defense finished with eight, which proves in part that the constant attention and double teams Garrett will draw from some offenses will free up some of the other players to harass the quarterback.

 711: Days since Arkansas won an SEC game. The unforgettable John L. Smith coached the Razorbacks to a 49-7 victory against Kentucky at Commonwealth Stadium on Oct. 13, 2012. Arkansas is 0-13 in SEC games since. Texas A&M? The Aggies are 9-5 in conference play since that date, including a historic win in Tuscaloosa, Ala.


321: Pounds, as in the average weight of Arkansas’ five starting offensive linemen. Sure, Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams are talented, strong backs who run hard and wear down defenses. But the Aggies are in for quite a shock, especially after calibrating their pass rush and run stopping against SMU. Can the team adjust to facing the worst and then the best?

3.47: Points per possession for the Arkansas offense out of a maximum of six. For perspective, here are the top offenses in college football through Week 4, based on offensive scoring efficiency: Texas A&M, Baylor, Arkansas, Oregon and Alabama. Which of those five doesn’t belong? Trick question: they all do, even the Razorbacks. That’s how good Bret Bielema’s running game has been. (Two games ago, Arkansas threw a total of three passes on seven touchdown drives.)

3: Turnovers forced by Texas A&M’s defense through four games, fewest in the SEC. It’s even harder to take considering the team failed to produce a single turnover against Rice and Southern Methodist the last two weeks. Considering Arkansas isn’t likely to throw the ball often, A&M’s front seven needs to punch at the ball every chance it gets.