Texas A&M’s Midnight Yell at South Carolina State House concludes without incident


The SEC’s newest rivalry kicked off just before midnight Wednesday on the steps of the South Carolina State House in Columbia.

Banter between fanbases ensued, but luckily, Texas A&M’s Midnight Yell tradition concluded without incident.

The Aggies and Gamecocks battle inside Williams-Brice Stadium tonight at 6 ET on SEC Network.

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  • Texas equates with “Big”, you know. This is called Big Talk.

  • They were complaining about us being disrespectful, yet they want to bring up Columbia being burnt to the ground by Sherman…. They’re in for a rude awakening tonight. GAMEEEEEEEEEEE

  • I effing LOVE it!! Game day is here. Starting this rivalry off right! GO COCKS!

    • Love how this cross-division rivalry hasn’t played a single game and it’s already more passion-filled than 21 years against the Hogs. Glad this rivalry got kicked off properly! Go Cocks!

      • How did the Cocks do in those 21 years? Not much of a rivalry at all.


        • Yeah, you’re right. But the point I was making is that in 21 years of games with the Hogs, there was never really any good old fashioned hate from either side of the field. More like the two teams were made to pair up because they joined the league at the same time.

  • Only people from Texas would be dumb enough to announce they were doing this at our State House and then not expect massive opposition from one of the most passionate fan bases in the Country. Have fun getting your teeth kicked in tonight, you’re in for a rude awakening.

    • Man, I bet you feel dumb.

    • Hey YardCock. I still have all of my teeth. How about you?

    • YardCock: You’re a special kind of — let’s be nice here — uninformed fan. You got your panties in a wad because the Aggies held their Midnight Yell Practice in the steps in front of your state house. You should trouble yourself to find out a little bit about your opponents before you start trashing them. They didn’t do that to insult South Carolina. They did it because they ALWAYS have Yell Practice at midnight before a game, no matter where they’re playing. Last season they did it at the Capitol in Baton Rouge. Even LSU’s obnoxious fans don’t try to disrupt it. Neither do Bama’s, Auburn’s, Ole Miss’, MSU’s.

      Whenever South Carolina comes to College Station be sure to attend Yell. You’ll see that YOUR fans get treated with respect, courtesy, and get a “Howdy” from just about everyone you meet.

      As for whose teeth got kicked in during Thursday night’s “rude awakening” I’ll bet the Columbia area dentists were on overload Friday morning.

      P.S. I’ll bet there was much joy at the ESSO CLUB in you know where last Thursday night.

  • I hope the aggies get smacked. What’s the difference between this and the guy who hung the Alabama flag from your new stadium?

  • Get used to it …. We are so glad we don’t have to deal with their insecurities any longer.

  • What’s with the headline? Were you expecting riots? The SEC fans have a reputation for being welcoming to rival fans before the games. Surely SDS knows this.