NCAA Football: Kentucky at MissouriWhen Mizzou kicked off its first season in the SEC in 2012, the Tigers did so with revamped uniforms courtesy of Nike, 24 different combinations and multiple helmet styles to ensure they would make noise with their appearance.

Mizzou often wears a monochrome black set at home, but has the option to don gold, white or anthracite pants. The Tigers’ bright gold alternates are among college football’s best. On the road, the Tigers’ current primary set features a white jersey with anthracite shoulders and is paired with any of the team’s pants options — one of the league’s most unique uniforms when worn with matte black helmets with silver trim.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Indiana

Mizzou’s primary logo switched from the Block M to the oval tiger graphic in 1996. When Mizzou dropped the Block M from its helmets altogether following the 2011 season, coach Gary Pinkel feared the program would receive serious backlash, but it hasn’t.

Updated threads and helmets, not to mention consecutive Eastern Division titles, have given the Tigers more exposure nationally and Nike has made great use of its canvas in Columbia, Mo.

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 28 INSIGHT BOWL - Missouri vs IowaSome variation of the Block M was plastered on the Tigers’ helmet for 51 years before the alteration to a more sleek, modernized look in 2012. Nike’s uniform update have Mizzou a menacing appearance as it entered its first season in the SEC and the Tigers have had several different helmet options to choose from since — a gloss black shell with the gold and white oval tiger logo or three different matte black options with oversized secondary logos on each in gold, anthracite or black.

Last season against Indiana, the Tigers unveiled Nike’s latest alternate, a grey and black set with tiger-striped gold numerals and accents.

Prior to Nike’s SEC revamp in 2012, the perennially-ranked Tigers let the Swoosh have its way with the wardrobe in the Big XII. The recognizable oval tiger logos adorned shoulders on most sets and curved piping lined the ribcage on a template that was used by most Nike-sponsored schools in the late 2000s.

In 2009, Mizzou donned an anthracite-based Pro Combat set against Kansas with grey helmets, free of gold accents. It didn’t go over well.

Current preferred uniform combinations