Using ESPN’s FPI (Football Power Index) as a guide, Texas A&M (3-0) has a 99.1 percent chance to beat SMU (0-2) on Saturday.


Respected offensive coach June Jones resigned abruptly two games into the season as the Mustangs not only are worst in the country in total offense, but 61.2 yards worse per game than the second-worst group in the land (Kent State).

In two games, SMU allowed 13 sacks and has rotated between three quarterbacks.

The team promoted its defensive coordinator to interim head coach and brought in a few offensive consultants. This offense put up 435.2 yards per game last season, and Texas A&M’s defense gave up even more than that to a rebuilding Rice team on a barely-playable field last weekend.

SMU has no chance to win this game, but perhaps the coaching changes, the off week last Saturday and a refocused attitude can help the Mustangs bridge the gap between their average offensive output and the rest of the country.

Texas A&M, meanwhile, needs to look sharp after playing a bit of a let-down game against the Owls.